The Advantages Of Quilted Duffle Bags

Duffel bags were originally barrel shaped made of strong cloth and were closed at the top by means of a drawstring. Nowadays a zip closure may have replaced the drawstring as this is more secure. The cylindrical shape is retained, but as the bag now has carry handles fitted to the sides, people carry them horizontally instead of vertically. It is not surprising to see how many people carry these beautiful and stylish Quilted Duffle bags.

The name ‘Duffel’ came from a town in Belgium where the thick material used to make these carry-ons was made. Modern designs are made with different fabric, but will always be strong and hard wearing. The original designs were used mainly by the military and sometimes known by the name ditty bag.

Today these items are mainly used to transport sports equipment or towels and change of clothes for the gym. The very latest use seems to be as an overnight bag as well as a sports bag, and its appearance has become very important, as now it is regarded as a fashion accessory. It is a useful bag and will hold much inside.

The quilted material makes the bag look more luxurious and gives added protection to the contents. The models designed for women’s use are lined with pretty fabric, have zip wall pockets and zip closures. They are often decorated with applique design on the outside and can have removable bows.

These designs are easily machine washable. They are durable as well as practical and attractive. Many are decorated with bows, flowers and animal designs. It is now a popular idea to have the model monogrammed; different attractive lettering styles are available.

Special designs are made for kids with cartoon characters and superheroes decorating the outside. Now special collegiate models have become popular. These display the initials of the college or logo and can be monogrammed with the users initials as well. Whenever you have need of a bag to carry your sports gear or overnight clothing, or even a large stylish handbag there will be attractive and practical Quilted Duffle bags to suit your purpose.

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