The Benefits And Drawbacks Of An E Hookah Pen

E hookah pen is one of those innovative e cigarettes that have taken over the market. They are battery operated and allow the user to enjoy the nicotine their brain needs without the disadvantages of tar found in regular cigarettes. This one specifically gives one the ability to try different flavors all in one stick. For those who have not tried this new invention, below are some advantages and disadvantages.

As for the advantages, there isn’t any need for tobacco when you use these. All that one gets is the vapor, flavoring, as well as the standard nicotine. However, while some have flavoring, you can even pick a product that’s virtually flavor-free, like is often needed.

The added benefit is that you don’t experience any tar. Compared to normal cigarettes, this type will not introduce you to the consequences of tar. Tar is alleged to bring about lung cancer among other medical concerns.

Hence the fact that they operate with a battery, they are rechargeable. Their stored power remains for long-term since it needs minimal energy to release the puff. Many of these devices out cannot be reused and and cannot be recharged, yet the hookah portable possesses the comfort capabilities as well as cost-saving that most find appealing. Others are marketed with refillable tanks as against those with just the included pre-filled cartridges.

They are easily disposable as one may wish. They sell these gadgets almost anywhere you look with all the flavors to choose. Once through, one can just toss them away unless they are rechargeable.

These products don’t need cleaning. It’s because they do not really employ any hookah. There’s no dirt left over, and there is no staining or ashes to burn one’s shirt.

Travelling with them is very easy due to their sizes. They are almost the size of your regular cigarette and can fit in your travel gear without any hassle. They can also be smoke anywhere as there is no real smoke emitted to the environment. Even though the public may give you looks, there is no law you will be breaking.

As for the disadvantages, even though you will get all the nicotine, it is simply not the same. The sense of an actual smoke doesn’t come completely when using these devices. Putting together actual hookahs induces an extra satisfying feeling that the modern ones do not.

The charge is considerable, unlike buying actual hookahs. At $7 a pop, it’s actually even more than normal tobacco. Nevertheless, if you look carefully, you can find discounted prices for the device.

Using this with peers is hard. As much as one may desire to share the cigar simply like any ordinary smoke, the e hookah pen finds it difficult offering this service to the customer. Moving it around may run down the life of it fast, especially when it cannot be recharged. Re-filling the fluid can be even more costly when shared with friends. Regardless, the pen is the right choice for individuals who go on journeys, and for those who still want to smoke in public places.

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