The Best Ebay Alternative For Sellers

Hello, what’s up? In case you haven’t heard yet, retailers on eBay are not interested. If perhaps you’ve been in the loop, it’s not hard to see why they’re searching for an eBay alternative.

Ebay certainly pioneered the online auction scene and also Ebay could possibly be THE leading online auction site on the Web. Nevertheless, they’d better surpass their status as #1 simply because their new policy changes haven’t been well-liked at all with the seller community. Along with the fact that notable ebay alternative websites for example eBid are increasingly becoming more popular with very competitive fees, it could actually mean considerably less revenue for the leading performer eBay.

A number of eBay’s irritating and crappy alterations have allowed for a feedback policy adjustment which took away the sellers’ ability to leave feedback on buyers. Undeniably, this change is largely unwelcomed by a massive number of ebay sellers because it basically creates a possibility for buyers to leave unreasonable negative feedback. Some unfair buyers will do it as well as utilize it as leverage to get a better deal. Being that a seller can’t counter it by leaving negative feedback in return, it tips the scales a little bit in the buyers’ benefit. That’s certainly one of the primary causes sellers are seeking for an ebay alternative.

Moreover, let’s not ignore their outrageous fees they charge the sellers. A seller told me that their eBay costs have hiked a lot from what they used to be. The charges that the sellers are putting up are mainly what’s keeping the eBay platform running today. What’s more, paypal is now under their umbrella, which brings us to a completely different matter.

Ebay took away the ability for sellers to accept money order or even checks. All sellers should now accept paypal. Because of the fact that paypal is under ebay, they earn again from the numerous fees the sellers are paying which cuts their revenue. The way it is at present, you have to pay to list your item, spend more for attention grabbers for example bold or even highlight, pay a final value fee, and finally cough up a paypal transaction fee soon after payment is received. Not cool!

Ultimately, I feel eBay has not thought things through enough and they have to stop transforming stuff. They can’t just ignore the sellers as well as satisfy the buyers. It’s not sensible. These type of policy changes simply will not do a lot in sustaining their position as the leading online auction site while keeping people from desiring an ebay alternative.

If you’re through with ebay, you must certainly test out this new ebay alternative auction site: eBid. It has way lower charges than ebay as well as sensible policies.

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