The Best Exercises Towards Fitness During Fire Fighter Training

As a fire fighter, you desire to be the best and most effective rescue personnel. This will help you deal easily with the strenuous and stressful environment during the emergency. You can easily achieve this by following simple procedures on fitness exercises to achieve the desired level for individuals during fire fighter training.

Carrying Weights- fighting fires happens in such strenuous conditions as having to carry heavy equipment. The equipment are taken several floors up. You are required to be there in the shortest time possible. This calls for extra muscles and endurance. Your legs must be able to carry you and the equipment to the upper floors within minutes.

Strong hands- rescuers are required to evacuate people before fighting fires. Some of them might be unconscious out of panic or suffocation. You will require the strength to carry them to safety without endangering your life in the process. Your hands must therefore be strong and ready to carry a heavy load or person in the best position.

Flexibility- rescue conditions will require you to squeeze through tight slits and spaces. Such confinement requires a lot of flexibility to avoid endangering your life and that of the rescue victim. All this must happen while you still have your breathe. Fitness allows you to multitask to reduce rescue time and achieve more.

Grip- ropes are common tools for rescuers in all situations. They are used to haul equipment or gain access to precarious areas. A firm grip is required so that the equipment do not slip off your hands. A weak grip is also likely to blister your hands when overpowered by the weight. Releasing equipment held by the rope is likely to cause injuries to others on the scene as well as breakages.

Balancing- It is not always possible to find a favorable ground to walk on during rescue. Tight spots require the use of toes and incredible balancing skills. You will be having rescue or fire fighting equipment. The situation requires concentration and training on balance to increase effectiveness.

Lifting- ladders are common apparatus during rescue missions. It is the fire fighters who have to pitch them to make certain areas accessible. This calls for well built muscles that are developed by lifting weights. A specialist will show you the muscles on which emphasis must be laid.

Cardio Endurance- conservation of the little air available is important when carrying out rescue in burning buildings. Though you will be provided with breathing apparatus, you are required to maximally utilize the available air. Cardio endurance exercises will go a long way towards making you a more effective rescuer.

Hitting and Punching- disasters cause blockage of access routes which requires rescuers to break through doors and walls. There are no hammers in some instances. You will be required to use hands, legs and elbow. A punching bag would help in enhancing these skills.

Situations involving fires are delicate and require a fully prepared rescuer. Quick response, strength and flexibility are important. Some situations are prolonged for several hours. This calls for endurance and the highest level of resilience. A fire fighter who is fully fit is an asset for any rescue team.

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