The Best Hunter Leveling Spec In World Of Warcraft

Ask any seasoned WoW player and they will tell you that hunters level up faster than anyone else. Why, That is because the best hunter leveling spec turns the hunter’s pet into a war machine, something even warlocks can’t do.

Of course, the key to doing that is to specialize your hunter properly. Any of the three spec trees will benefit your leveling but Beast Mastery is by far and away the best as it gives you the most talents for transforming your pet into a proper tank. If you are good enough, you can build your pet up so strongly that your Hunter will not even need any armor at all!

Prepared to level up faster than every other class? Then here is one of the most popular Hunter builds in the game from the legendary Zygon guide.


Put 5pts in Improved Aspect of the Hawk

followed by 1pt in Endurance Training

then 2pts in Focused Fire

5 points in Unleashed Fury

5 points in Ferocity

1 point in Intimidation

2 points – Improved Mend Pet

1 point in Improved Mend Pet (1/2)

1 point – Intimidation

2 points – Bestial Discipline

1 point – Animal Handler (1/2)

2 points in Catlike Reflexes (2/3)

3 points – Ferocious Inspiration

1pt in Bestial Wrath

5pts in Serpent is Swiftness

1 point in Longevity

1pt in The Beast Within

2 (of 3) points – Cobra Strikes

5pts in Kindred Spirits

5 points in Lethal Shots


5 points – Lethal Shots

3 points in Improved Hunter’s Mark

5pts in Mortal Shots

1pt in Go for the Throat

Choose Bestial Wrath, Hunter is Mark, Freezing Trap for your glyphs.

5 points – Improved Tracking

That is a great build that gives you a bit of strength in PvP as well. If you are after a quicker leveling build, however, then you might want to try Zygon’s build, which is considered the fastest leveling build in the game.

The advantages to this build is how your pet is transformed into a monster, capable of tanking multiple monsters on its own. This build also gives the pet the capacity to hold aggro extremely well, allowing the hunter to deal damage without being harassed by mobs. This build only works when you’re leveling up though. If you’re after a build that’s more focused on player vs player combat, then you might want to give this a go:

Zygon’s build focuses solely on leveling up as fast as possible. With the added bonus to critical chance, damage and holding aggro, it is perfect for working through the levels. It does not, however, work particularly well if you want to take part in a lot of PvPing. If that is more your style, then here is another build that works quite well.

Start with 5 points into – Improved Aspect of the Hawk

2 points in Focused Fire

2 points in Improved Revive Pet

1pt in Aspect Mastery

5pts in Unleashed Fury

5 points – Ferocity

1 point – Intimidation

2pts in Bestial Discipline

2 points in Bestial Discipline

5 points – Frenzy

5 points in Frenzy

1 point – Animal Handler

2pts in Catlike Reflexes

5pts in Serpent’s Swiftness

3 points in Longevity

3pts in Cobra Strikes

1 point – Longevity

5 points – Kindred Spirits

1 point – Beast Mastery

Change to the Marksmanship Tree, and put

5pts in Lethal Shots

3pts in Focused Aim

3pts in Careful Aim

3 points – Improved Hunter’s Mark

5pts in Mortal Shots

For your glyphs, choose Aspect of the Viper, Serpent String and Hunter’s Mark.

Glyphs: Freezing Trap, Bestial Wrath, Hunter’s Mark.

Minor Glyphs: Revive Pet, Mend Pet, Feign Death.

Both build orders have a similar focus, although the second is more PvP orientated. They both start with Aspect of the Hawk, increasing your Hunter’s attack speed. You can not explore the Beast Mastery tree without including the all-important Beast Mastery talent. Unleashed Fury, which adds a passive damage increase to your pet, is another essential talent as well. There’s also Ferocity, which improves your pet’s critical chance and is a must-have if you want to do any lasting damage to the more powerful mobs.

The key to using both these builds lies in making sure you micromanage your pet properly. If you were in a raid, you wouldn’t take aggro off the main tank – so don’t take it off your pet! Let your pet take the heat, and you’ll be leveling up in no time.

With the best hunter leveling spec in the game you will level faster than anyone else. Learn more about the best hunter leveling spec in the game by going to the World of Warcraft Quest Help Blog. All of the classes are covered with up to date info.