The Fundamentals Of Hand To Hand Combat Training

These days, it is very common to see news about people getting mugged, raped, robbed, and beaten. This makes one feel very unsafe because of the dangers that might happen, especially at night. However, due to a busy work schedule, some people will have no choice but to come home late from work. In order to avoid any harm, it is very important to undergo basic hand to hand combat training or buy a martial arts DVD and self defense DVDs.

One may opt to attend a real class or just watch DVDs. Although classes are definitely better than videos, sometimes lessons can be expensive. So the best alternative would be to watch instructional videos and practice with a partner. To get a feel of basic martial arts, here are some techniques that one may practice at home.

When one starts his lesson, the first technique that he will probably learn is the punch. Every martial art has a different version of the punch but they all come from the same concept. The most basic way to punch would be to come from a fighting stance where the lead arm will be thrown. While it is being thrown, he will twist his entire body to create power and speed.

Another fundamental move would be the low kick. When an attacker would want to harm a person, he does not usually guard his lower body. So if the defender practices his low kick well, then he can destroy the legs of the attacker to bring him down. He may also attack the crotch area if the attacker is a man.

Attacking without learning to defend first is a very foolish thing to do. In any case, it is always better to know how to guard and block attacks just in case they come out of nowhere. It is important to adopt a guard stance where one arm will guard the chin while the other guards the torso or the lower body.

Footwork is also one of the keys of successful self defense. Without proper footwork, one would not be able to dodge and escape from attacks. To practice, one may just stand in front of a mirror, go into the guard stance, and start moving around in all directions.

Basically, those are some of the basic hand to hand combat training techniques. If one would want to learn basic self defense, he can start by practicing these moves. So if he were to go to a class or buy a DVD, he would know what to expect.

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