The Great Uses Of Antique Advertising Signs

There are many types of antique advertising signs that can be used for many different purposes. From a wooden sign welcoming people to your home, to a sign made from enamel advertising a vintage product to add a sense of nostalgia to a business they have many uses and are a unique way to reach out to customers.

Small businesses strive to stand out among their competition. In this way they can gain an edge that will keep them running for years. What better way to stand out among the masses than with the use of antique advertising signs. A mass produced sign has the clear disadvantage of having many copies going around. What’s worse is that they are probably also used by the competition for the very same reason. But with antiques there is little to no chance of this happening.

For use in the home there are so many options to choose from, and places to put them. There are very humorous signs that can be placed in the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms for the amusement of family and guests. They can also be placed outside to welcome people to the home, or warn them about a less than friendly pet. To make a house a home it needs to capture the spirit of the family living in it, and what better way to do that than to show off style and character through a hilarious sign.

The act of gift giving can be a very difficult one. Especially now when everything is mass produced and sold everywhere. There can be the embarrassment of giving the same gift as someone else, or worse, giving them something that they already have. Giving antiques eliminates this and also means that they will be getting something that no one else has. These make for great house warming or wedding gifts.

Tin tends to be lighter and more prone to denting and scratches than other materials. While they may not be a durable they are still one of the most common ones available. This has a lot to do with the fact that there were so many made. There are many options for houses and business, as well as other things to. They can make a funny, uncommon sight for people to read and enjoy.

Because of its sturdiness enamel was very commonly used for out door signs. These could withstand all kinds of treatment from the weather and other environmental factors. They were usually used for advertising businesses and products. Because of the rough treatment that they received many vintage ones have rusty edges and small holes. This gives them a vintage look that many people like.

Wooden ones are usually much plainer than other varieties, with just a simple design carved into them. However this does not mean that they are any less appealing. This kind of sign is great for hanging above the door of a home or shop.

While there are many other option for antique advertising sings, these are the most commonly available. Others include cardboard and print posters. The type you choose however depends entirely on what it will be used for.

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