The Life Of Lindsay Merbaum

In the world of literature and poetry, there is one name that would stand out and that name is none other than Lindsay Merbaum. She is one of the best writers that came from the land of New York City and still continues to entertain many readers up until today. For those who are interested in her, check this short biography about her life.

Before becoming a writer, she was first a college student who studied an MFA in Fiction at twenty four. As early as twenty four, she already began working on a lot of literary projects like journals. It was because of her extraordinary work that she earned the Himan Brown Award while she was still studying her MFA.

When she finally was able to get her degree, she decided to go down to the path of teaching and got herself a job as a teacher in one of the very well known universities in Ecuador. The university was located in a town called Quito and this was where she learned how to speak Spanish fluently. With her experience in the university, she was able to become a very well know high school and college teacher.

Aside from learning Spanish and about the culture of Ecuador, she also learned many things about life itself and how the world works. She worked in Quito for four straight years and wrote many stories that were similar to the events that had transpired in that place. One of her famous stories was about a jealous farmer whom she knew back in Quito.

Eventually, she moved out of Ecuador in the year 2010. She relocated to California wherein she started her very first book which is known as Gold. She stays in San Francisco where she was editing and making all of the necessary adjustments to her very first book before the publication.

Not only is she a very good writer, she is also a very good teacher and educator who made an impact in the university located in Quito. Now Aside from writing fictional tales, she also knew how to write informative material as well like articles or other things of the same kind. She prefers writing about topics that would involve human rights, environmental justice, and of course health.

Of course she does not only know how to write but she also knows how to research very well. It is because of this talent that one of her tasks in the university that she worked in was to write some academic papers. Combining her really good research skills and unbelievable writing skills, she was known for her papers and theses.

As one can see, she is a very inspirational writer who has really made a mark in the world of literary fiction today. Because of the passion of miss Lindsay Merbaum, the stories that she made reached a very far audience. She is definitely a person that can serve as an inspiration to a lot of people today.

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