The Many Uses For Amy Butler Fabric

Not everyone can sew. But those who can, appreciate when there is a name brand designer that provides high quality textiles. Amy Butler fabric is the perfect example of a designer whose creations cross the proverbial lines of sewing materials.

For the at-home seamstress, vibrant printed cottons are perfect for creating custom clothing for children. The colors and patterns are well suited to young girls and boys. The cotton weave is breathable and easy to work with on most machines, and it is washable and wearable.

Many of these textiles are also well-suited for quilting. Sewing a quilt top requires good stitches as well as good material. Most current day quilts require a well blended cotton material that can be easily maneuvered into the tricky patterns. Thus, there is an unending number of blankets, lap quilts, and wall hangings to be designed.

Another popular use for different textiles is that of drapery fabric. One of the major differences between simple cotton and drapery material is the weight or heaviness of the material. Curtains or drapes must hang appropriately and be flexible enough to move as needed. This designer provides versatility in her products with rich hues and timeless patterns.

The heavier, more adult color schemes for draperies reflect the popular home decors. Different than the whimsical prints found in the simple cottons, the mature design of the materials for home decoration reflect simple yet elegant taste. Living rooms and bedrooms can easily set the tone of a home.

Another interior home re-design that gets huge effect is re-upholstering an article of furniture. Most people have a piece of furniture that has been passed down through the years. These nods to the past often boast dingy material that is thread-bare. Good upholstery material must be durable, thus designer textiles can completely provide a face-lift.

Popular items for re-upholstering are sofas, chairs, love seats, and even bar stools. By replacing the old material with fresh, new designs the furniture may not even be recognizable. If unfamiliar with the process of re-upholstering, it may be best to leave the details to the professionals.

Because of the variety of Amy Butler fabrics available, there are few reasons to look elsewhere. The range of materials for clothing, quilting, or upholstering is vast. With the patters, colors, and unique designs, the art of sewing just might be making a return.

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