The Mean Typical Physical Therapy Salary

Physical therapists are amongst the most financially stable experts in the US economy these days. The average physical therapy salary is about $70,000 with physical therapist managers earning the highest and rehabilitation therapists on the other end.

They are valued for their capability to ease the discomfort due to injuries or physical disabilities. Patients are those who suffer from debilitating conditions, sports injuries, disabilities and those who had been involved in accidents. They apply massages and other types of intervention such as electrical stimulation and traction.

They are frequently hired in hospitals, private institutions and clinics. Physical therapists might opt to specialize in a specific field such as speech pathology, orthopedics, sports medicine, geriatrics or pediatrics.

The job of physical therapists is very demanding. It consists of heavy lifting and standing or bending for lengthy periods and consequently entails a high degree of ergonomic hazards.

To be a physical therapist, 1 should have a bachelor’s degree in biology or a physical science-related field, a master’s degree and must pass the national licensure exam prior to he or she can practice. Physical therapists must therefore invest a total of six or six and a half years of training prior to they can be hired for a full-time job. However, they get to appreciate high job satisfaction, flexible schedules and a lot of job opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 173,000 jobs had been occupied by physical therapists in the United States in the year 2006. Some function in many places and institutions, whilst other people work in a single institution. It appears that there are more job opportunities for physical therapists in places exactly where there is a big population of senior citizens. Based on the newest survey, physical therapists earn average wages of $71,520 annually in 2007. This was according to the report by the BLS. As with hourly rates, they were set at $34.39. Therapists who are employed in the area of home well being services had been assessed to be earning slightly more than those in other locations.

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