The Most Popular Mobile Games

As technology advances, sophistry of mobile games is rapidly increasing. The majority of the most popular video games now exist in mobile versions. Apple’s iPhone was the initial game changer in the mobile entertainment arena and many very popular console games like Fifa, Call of Duty, and Need for Speed may currently played via mobile handsets.

This does not mean that the most popular mobile games are those that offer player the most options and the best graphics. Most of the popular mobile games do not have these characteristics. The games that become the most addictive to consumers are those they can play intermittently and quickly without investing a lot of time and effort. The following three games have become the most popular with individuals who enjoy mobile gaming.

Bejeweled: This is a classic favourite and a very basic game in and of itself. All players must do is match gems across a set of horizontal and vertical lines. Ever-present pressure is produced by severely limited playing time. Nevertheless, Bejeweled is hardly a complicated game and features no dazzling graphics. Despite this, it already boasts over 150,000,000 downloads throughout all playing platforms ever since initial launch of its browser-based version back in 2001.

Angry Birds from Rovio has been almost as successful as Bejeweled in the mobile gaming market. The game is available for play on Android and iPhone. Game play is simple. The goal is to destroy the pigs by using a sling shot and angry birds. Gamers are so addicted to this title they have downloaded it over a 100 million times across the various platforms available.

Tetris has been around the longest with a release date of 1984. This is another puzzle game. As a Nintendo title, it attracted a huge following and it is now successful as a game designed for use on mobile phones. Like the other two games, it has more than 100 million downloads.

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