The Trend Of Collecting Old Gas Station Signs

Most people have probably glimpsed of old gas station signs though not very often. They are easily noticeable because of their color and significant difference compared to modern signage. However, not everyone really knows of their value. Knowing its worth will help one appreciate them and their potential values.

There are avid collectors of these items. The reason that they are collected is not only for their appearance but because of the natural fascination of people for things that remind them of the past. They carry historical values. They are very much in demand. In fact, many collectors spend considerable sums just to have them specially those in good conditions. Intensive researches are done by them to find genuine items that are so rare these days.

Refueling depots are found almost anywhere these days. One could meet them at almost all corners of any street. They have plastic signs which have electric lights in them to make customers aware of their presence. However, its earliest years were not similar to that. Gasoline were only found in drug stores. They were generally used for repairing purposes. Their demands rose with the coming of vehicles powered by gasoline.

They were formerly made of porcelains. These were exported from Germany. Its base is composed of iron which is cut to retain a specific shape. Powdered glass are then used to coat it to create different colors. This results to a product that is very durable, good looking, and highly resistant to different weather conditions.

Those materials are then hung at walls. They could be placed on stands also with both sides painted so they can be viewed from two directions. Pumps were placed with them to show brands of the fuel that they have. Other car products such as spark plugs or oils use them for advertising.

Indeed, there are survivors of these materials that can still be found. However, most are rarely in mint conditions. These items, unfortunately, were melted for use during the second world war after which replacements were used for them. The industry catering to this had a rapid change. Old types were removed then stored. The use of plastic materials with electric lighting replaced them.

Collectors covet porcelain signs for its rarity. There are those that focus only with large brands common in their era while some go for small brands tied to a specific region only. The bottom line is their rareness. General collectors will not let themselves be tied to brands but will go for any genuine materials.

An intensive researching is done by these collectors so that they will be able to identify genuine materials from reproductions. They get to learn this from other fellow collectors. They usually have group gatherings where they will swap or sell their collection.

Old gas station signs can provide one a great choice for collecting. Not only do they have large monetary potentials, they are also rare items that many collectors of vintage materials would want. Aside from that, these items also preserve a very important part of American history and serve as heritages of it.

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