The Union Flag Civil War

The term Union in early American history was used to describe the presence of the federal government in the American continent during the period of the American civil war. It had many supporters as well as those opposing especially in the southern states. The union flag civil war was a representation of unity among the states.

Each state had its own troops who were given the flag to carry. The troops were usually given the flags in a ceremony. It gave the individual soldiers great pride to fight for their community and nation. The flags would demarcate where the troops belonged when they were in the battlefield.

Many soldiers succumbed to violent deaths and injuries while protecting the flags. This was viewed as a great honor on their part. Many died mainly because they were inexperienced as most of them were volunteer soldiers.

The war was an important part of the history of the American continent. The events that occurred during the war bore a significant impact on the present day governance of America. For this reason, many people across the United States reenact the war in remembrance of those who lost their lives and the historical significance of this kind of war.

An important aspect of the reenactment is the flags. It is important to note that there were three kinds of these flags during this kind of war. These flags were the thirty three star flags, the thirty four star flags and the thirty five star flags. The addition of stars represents the joining of Oregon, Kansas and West Virginia states respectively.

People can make their own union flag civil war at home provided they have all the needed materials. Individuals can achieve this simply with the use of a few materials. These materials are readily available in most stores. In addition, a person should have adhesive gold stars, multiple colored felts, a dowel rod and an adhesive hook and loop tape.

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