The Usage Of RFID Readers And Tags

Due to the demand of full automation in real time scenario industries are using the latest technology this modern world could offer and it is the RFID system. If the RFID tag is configured according to the required parameter that match up with the reader, then the tag will become active and it will be detected by the reader thus assess will be granted and the information that stored in the tag are then be retrieved. This technology uses ultra high radio frequency to operate. A lot of industrial and commercial application uses this technology such as the parking system where cars don’t need to stop and get the ticket or make a payment anymore.

Shopping malls applies the RFID system for their inventory of their stocks, so that they can monitor what product is popular to the people and easily sold and those who are not. They will able to track easily and conveniently the number of the stocks of certain product available. They also use the auto identification technology based on the RFID system for their parking management. Through the use of computer, you can configure the reader. It can provide with real time monitoring, display, and image capturing.

Industries use the RFID system for their product tracking all through the manufacturing stages in their process. They also used it in the marketing and selling process as well as product promotion tracking in full detail. Manufacturer can track down if the product they have sent out to the market are sold or still in the shop. They can do this by issuing RFID tag on the products given to retailers and after a period of time they can check the products status in the market.

RFID system’s application is vast, the reader and various types of tags are used in logistics, infrastructure management, transportation, and protection to name a few. Different tags are namely active tags, RFID passive tags, and battery operated tags. RFID readers and tags are utilized in different types of identification processes.

The RFID technology is indeed a great innovation and it have boosted up the productivity of a lot of businesses nowadays thus increasing the profit annually. Museums, libraries, medical hospitals, shopping malls, sports center, schools, and universities are the areas where the RFID system is used in their access control room system, inventory management, product tracking, 3G environment monitoring system, parking management system, and a lot more.

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