The Vacuum Packaging Machine Is A Money-Saving Food Packaging System

A vacuum packaging machine is a very useful tool to keep both moist and dry foods from deteriorating while extending their self life. Plastic bags, canisters and bottles are used as containers to vacuum seal out the oxygen. This oxygen free space decreases the risk of anaerobic organisms or fungi that can start to develop in the packaging. This provides safe short term storage for moist foods.

Dry foods can be stored for longer periods of time since there is no trace of water where the possible growth of bacteria could occur. These non-perishable foods and beverages include cereals, nuts, coffee, smoked meats and cheese. Travelers have long enjoyed the convenience of vacuum packed food where refrigeration is not required.

Consumers can choose from three types of sealer machines that incorporate plastic bags. Some are for commercial use and others for the homemaker who will not be sealing a high volume of items. The first sealer is called the chamber sealer used for commercial purposes. It has a built in chamber where the items to be sealed is positioned. The lid is closed, air removed, bag sealed and oxygen returned. The lid is re-opened and the sealed package is taken out.

A second commercial model is called the external vac sealer where the plastic bag is attached externally. These are also called clamp-type sealers because they clamp down around the outside of the bag. These machines require a special bag with air channels for drawing out the air. Practically maintenance free this home model is the most inexpensive of the models. The bags used are boilable but they are expensive.

When the external vac sealer is bought from a discount store it will probably not be able to handle sealing more than once or twice a day. Prolonged use will cause overheating. It is best to look for those models that have a fan and other cooling features incorporated into the device. This way the sealer can be used to seal a succession of items.

The end of the summer yields delicious foods from the garden. These can be instantly vacuum sealed to retain optimum freshness. The storage of nutritious food in air free sealed bags is should be researched to find the best bags suitable for the frequency of use.

Most people have frozen their foods but discovered that freezer burn will make their foods less appealing. This happens when the food is not properly packaged allowing dry spots to develop on the food. Water is undergoing regular evaporation even in the freezer. Water molecules rising to the food surface will have ice crystals forming. These areas too will appear wrinkly and unappealing.

The vacuum packaging machine makes food storage versatile and fun to prepare. The difficulty lies in finding the right machine most suitable for the consumer’s needs. The best place to research is online where reviews, testimonials and forums can be found providing first hand experience from others willing to share their information. Often there is a live chat option where the buyer can speak to an agent.

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