The Vority X5S Iphone5/5S Battery Rubberized Case: A Battery Case Review For Your Iphone 5S

The introduction of the iphone 5s battery case in the market came as a surprise for many iPhone users. Most people thought of the iphone 5s battery case as an add-on device used as an aesthetic accessory to improve how their iPhone units look from the outside.

As for the latest iPhone version, the iPhone 5s, a battery case that was specifically made for it is now available in the market.

Presenting the Vority X5S iPhone 5/5S Battery Charger Case – a rechargeable iphone 5s battery case that is slowly gaining recognition today as one of the best battery case in its price range.

But don’t worry because there’s now a way to avoid your iPhone from shutting down during important calls. By using an add-on device to your phone, you can now prolong the battery life of your iPhone 5s up to 80 percent.

Presenting! The iphone 5s battery case!

The iphone 5s battery case is a special gadget designed to prolong the usage of your iPhone 5s, but a lot of people still don’t know what the iphone 5s battery case does to your phone unit. An example of such a device is the Vority X5S iPhone 5/5S Battery Charger Case.

It is always recommended to fully-charge both your iPhone and battery case at all times. By doing so, you can use your phone at an extended period of time and at a more efficient way.

You don’t have to worry if you accidentally drop your phone because the material used to manufacture the iphone 5s battery case is strong enough to protect your unit from damage.

Inside the very thin, super lightweight and soft-touch battery case is a rechargeable smart battery that uses a technology that instructs the iPhone unit to prioritize draining the power of the battery case first before the built-in battery of the phone unit.

But if you connect your phone unit to the iphone 5s battery case, the battery life of your phone will be extended for up to 80 to 120 percent which means that you can use your phone at an extended period of time. More battery life, more time to use your iPhone 5s.

Reason # 2: The iphone 5s battery case complements the look of your iPhone!

The iphone 5s battery case is a special type of back up battery option for your iPhone because it is designed to look like an ordinary [housing|casing] for your phone. You can provide additional power to your iPhone without sacrificing the aesthetic look of your unit. Battery cases are functional and fashionable as well.

The answer to this question is a big no! The iphone 5s battery case is designed to act like a speaker box since sound coming from the iPhone speakers is redirected to the front of the battery case that would result to a fuller and better sound quality. In addition, the exterior look of the battery case was designed not to block the other features of the iPhone such as the microphone, camera and other ports used for easily connecting the phone to other devices.

A complete package contains the battery case itself, a micro USB cable that you can use for charging, 7 bumper frames in different colors, a user’s manual and a headphone extension cable.

Lastly, the Morphie brand has the recognition of having a certification to show that all its products are specifically-made for iPhone.

A battery case is a good investment because when you charge your iPhone, you can simultaneously charge your battery case as well. By doing so, you can save money in terms of the electrical consumption you get if you charge your iphone and battery case separately.

Now that you have an idea on why it is necessary for you to get a battery case for your iPhone 5s, don’t just sit there! Go and get your very own battery case now!

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