Tips For Selecting The Best Dolls For Girls In Every Stage Of Childhood

A doll can play a very important role in the life of a little girl, serving as her companion, and also fostering imaginative play and the ability to nurture. With more choices than ever before, it can be hard to pick the right one when buying dolls for girls, so knowing what each type has to offer can be useful.

The age of the child should be the first consideration when selecting a doll. Infants should only be given soft dolls with no removable parts which could present a choking hazard, and preschoolers are best suited to a durable type of doll that does not break easily, as they tend to play carelessly at times. Older girls typically prefer a doll they can dress up in a variety of stylish outfits.

When selecting a first doll for a baby, it\’s important to choose one that is easy to hug and carry around, as small children commonly do with their favorite toys. A soft body will ensure that the child cannot accidentally hurt herself with the doll, and most of these are easily washed with a damp cloth or in the gentle cycle. Learn-to-Dress cloth dolls for older children can teach them how to lace and button etc.

Preschoolers may want to have a doll that resembles a real baby, especially as they see mothers caring for their infants, and want to imitate this. More realistic in appearance, this kind of doll has either a cloth body with plastic legs, arms, and head, or an entirely vinyl or rubber body. Some have rooted hair, and eyes that can shut, and others will \”wet\” when given a bottle.

Another popular doll with the preschool set is the interactive kind which can perform various actions that make them seem just like a real child. Run on batteries, they are capable of walking, speaking, singing, laughing and many other amusing antics that are sure to make kids smile and feel as though they have a life-like playmate.

Ever since the introduction of the Barbie doll more than fifty years ago, fashion dolls have also been a huge hit with young girls. This smaller kind of doll is made to resemble an adult woman and can be dressed in any of a vast selection of clothes designed for them. They also come with many fun accessories, vehicles, furniture, houses to further encourage creative play.

The 18-inch girl doll is another big seller with kids between 5-10 years old. These pretty little ladies are designed to look like miniature version of real girls and also come with a large selection of different outfits. Quality collector\’s items, they are likely to be quite valuable some day if well cared for, but they are usually expensive. An alternative is to buy one of the more affordable \”imitations\”.

There are many great places to purchase dolls, besides traditional stores, online shopping is another option many parents appreciate because it allows them to access a global marketplace to find just the perfect doll for their little girl. Garage sales, flea markets and other such places are also good places to find gently used but still charming and unique dollies any little girl will love.

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