Tips On How To Do Exterior Painting

A beautiful and attractive home is something everyone wants. A good exterior painting job can give your home that new and striking look you have longed for. This however must be done in the right manner or you might end up making it less attractive. The secret is in the preparation before you do the paint job. Doing it right will translated to time and money saved.

First decide the extent of your house needs a new coat of paint. It might not be the entire home but maybe just the trim or shutters. The second step is to determine which colors you would like to use. Always keep in mind that the colors must match the areas that will not be painted and maybe even the other homes in your neighborhood.

It will be advisable to use a latex paint because it is easy to clean as compared to oil-based paints. Whichever type of paint you choose buy the best paint that fits your budget. Using cheaper paints might come out costing the same if not more because you will need to apply more coats.

Before you start applying the paint, make sure the surfaces are dry and clean. Remove all mold and mildew, dirt or chalk. Cover plants that are near to the house with plastic to protect them from splatters and spills. Once the surfaces are clean, scrape off all peeling or cracking paint. After this sand and prime the surfaces. This is the only time that you can start applying the paint.

The weather and temperature will affect the finish of your paint job. Paint when humidity is low and when temperatures are in the vicinity of 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Freshly painted surfaces exposed to direct sunlight may develop heat blisters so it would be best for you to follow the shade. A wet edge should be left between previously painted areas and those that you are about to paint.

Follow these preparations and you will be able to do a good job in applying exterior painting to your home. It will demand a lot of your time and is tedious. The results of doing the necessary preparations though will be worth it.

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