Tips On How To Self Publish Your Book

If you’ve always wanted to be an author, the best time to start is now. In the past, authors had a very slim chance of getting their work published unless they worked through large publishing companies. Today, things are much easier and the first step is to learn the basics on how to self publish.

One of the main reasons why many authors decide to self publish is that it’s so hard to get a publishing contract with an established company. It’s in fact almost impossible if you’re an unknown writer and so, publishing your work yourself is a great way to make a name for yourself and build up a fan base. Moreover, you’ll get to do things on your terms and retain your own publishing rights without having to pay large chunks of the profit to a multi-million dollar company.

If you decide on publishing your book independently, you obviously need to write it first. Ask several people to look at your writing and give you feedback. Then get a professional editor to help you refine the manuscript. Be open to their suggestions, though, and don’t take their criticism as a personal attack. Also budget for a good proofreader to give your manuscript a final check. A book full of mistakes creates a bad impression of your abilities as a writer.

The lay-out is important and needs to be done in such a way that readers will want to keep turning the page. If the pages appeal to the eye, half the battle is won. You also need a cover that will make your book stand out among all the others on the shelf, so invest in the services of a professional, creative designer. It’s best to find one with experience in cover design because he or she will know what readers normally look for.

Also pay attention to the legal issues surrounding publishing your work. You need to clearly claim copyright so that others can’t steal your work and pass it off as their own. Books are identified by a unique ISBN, which consists of a number and bar code, almost like an identity number. Every different format of your book needs its own ISBN.

There are different ways to publish the final book. One is to hire a printer to print and bind copies which you can then sell through book vendors. A more economical way is to publish it online as an e-book that your buyers can simply download.

The work doesn’t stop once the book has been published, In fact, many say this this is when the real work begins. Your target audience needs to know about your book, so you need to spend as much time and money as possible on marketing it and getting publicity. This takes time and some expertise, so you might want to hire a professional marketing company for this aspect.

When finding the professionals who can help you produce the book you’ve written, it’s very important to make the right choice. People who don’t have the necessary skills can end up costing you much more. Therefore, don’t automatically accept the one who quotes the smallest amount. Find out what the market rates are and check the person’s credentials and experience first. The ones most qualified for the job will probably be more expensive but they’ll add value to the project and provide you with excellent quality.

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