Tips to start a drop shipping business

Storage issues, and huge initial start up costs is what prevents so many aspiring online marketers from starting an e commerce store.

Let’s explore drop shipping as a possible work around.

So just what is drop shipping?

To have something drop shipped means that it is being sent to the customer straight from the supplier in you behalf.

The merchant collects the money from the buyer, then places the order with the drop shipper.

The customer receives the order from the drop shipper, but it will have the return address of the seller.

The seller never has to handle or store the product as it is sent from the supplier to the buyer.

The biggest benefit to the seller is time saved by the packaging and shipping being done for them.

So are you ready to start your e-commerce business?

This is a short list of things you need to do.

You will need a drop shipper that supplies the things that you are going to promote. The best place to do this is on the Internet. In your search engine search bar type the product name plus drop shipper. You can also search for wholesale directories. It won’t take long to find dozens of suppliers. Here are some things to look for in your new supplier.

There will probably be fees involved with a drop shipper, some may be monthly, these should be low. A supplier may ask that you fund an account up front, most will let you pay as you place orders.

A word of warning, may drop shipping companies are nothing more than spam traps, or out right scams. You may consider using a reputable online directory such a World Wide Brands, or check a wholesaler out for your self with The Better Business Bureau

Now, your new relationship with a drop shipper has given you access to so many products, you should take full advantage and list as many related products as can find on your site. Incorporating attractive images and lengthy descriptions (reworded) from the drop shipper’s cataloger further enhance the chances of being listed in the search engines.

With a small amount of capital, and a little effort you can set up your first web store.

When you make a sale, you simply place the order with the drop shipper.

Almost always, your drop shipping vendor will have a store front not unlike yours. You just simply place your customers order.

Some parting tips for you:

1) The idea is to develop a list of buyers that you can sell to over and over again, so keep the prices down!

2) The drop shipper you choose may offer you a premade e-store, resist this temptation because the content will be duplicated across the web giving you no advantage with the search engines.

3) I highly recommend and 800 umber displayed on your site. I just let the calls go to a voice mail, the 800 number is more for putting the customer at ease about contacting you if they have problems.

4) Applying for trust seals for your web site will go a long way to increase your conversion rate.

5) I can’t emphasis enough how valuable the list of customer, don’t be afraid to sell to your list.

Don’t start an online business before reading is drop shipping a good business by J.C. Dean