Top 5 Tastiest Bakery Items To Put In A Pastry Box To Spoil Someone Special

A plain croissant straight from the oven or one filled with savory cheese, or would one prefer the ultimate decadence of all time – a chocolate croissant. This croissant seems to be the number one on the voters roll when choosing a selection of Top 5 tastiest bakery items to put in a pastry box. From country folk to city slickers they all go for chocolate.

The ancients Romans did not even heed their own local laws forbidding them these delicacies when it came to fluffy dough confections they were lost. Today a person is faced with such a selection of these lip-smacking tasty morsels that if dieting, one may need to walk on the opposite side of the street from one’s favorite bakery.

The next to place in the box would surely be the Danish. This sweet confection made from dough rolled and folded with butter and spiced, and either nuts or dried fruit and baked. Drizzled with glace icing and filled with custard and cream.

Eclairs made of choux pastry as light as a feather with creamy fillings and thick chocolate on top comes in at number three. No one knows who first baked them or where they come from but the word eclair has ties to the word lightning but this may be just be because of the great speed with which they always disappear.

The honey tongued Greeks gave rise to number four which is the luscious syrup drenched baklava. Layers of paper thin pastry filled with a concoction of butter, spices and nuts before baking and doused with honey sauce that is mouth-melting magnificent.

Delectable individual fruit flans filled with rich colored berries and other flavored fruits topped with whipped cream will take the last space in this gourmet selection of pastries.

One has chosen and now a container is required. The cake box business has exploded over the last years and many renditions are as extravagant in decoration and design as the cakes they carry. The rectangular shapes have traditionally been associated with pastries but there are no hard and fast rules. One has a tremendous variety to choose from when setting off with one’s purchases from the bakery.

Once a person has made their choice of the Top 5 tastiest bakery items to put in a pastry box, they may wish to slip off somewhere quiet away from the crowd, and sit back and to consume the entire contents of the box. Bon Appetite.

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