Top Reasons For Buying Vority Duo 13CC Car Charger

Everything that we look for in a car charger can be found in the Vority Duo13CC Dual USB Car Charger.

The rapid emergence of such an invention has become a reminder that, indeed, “time” is growing shorter and shorter than how it was hundreds of years ago. Man, indeed, is already manipulating time as he knows it.

Its dual USB ports allow fast and efficient charging for two devices. One port is at 2.1 amperes and this is perfect in charging gadgets that need higher electric current like iPads and Tablets. The other port is 1 ampere which makes it just right for smaller gadgets like iPhones, android phones, iPods, Mp3 players, and other devices. Simultaneous charging on both ports does not at all affect the fastness of charging of each device connected to it.

Why would they buy it? The presence of a double USB car charger in a particular car may already show that the owner is maximizing his time.

The features of Vority Duo13CC are enumerated and briefly discussed below. These are the many good reasons why this double USB car charger is getting great reviews and feedback coming from customers.

Product Specification

No protruding parts that may get in the way of your driving because the length just leaves a small space for you to pull the tab whenever you need to remove it. It’s also lightweight at 0.78 ounces.

Direct Cigarette Lighter Connection

This is done whenever necessary, and indeed it is always necessary for people who don’t have much time in their hands, proving once again that leisurely time is certainly vanishing bit by bit.

Output: Min 5.0 V Max 5.3 V, Full Rated 3.1 Amp (2.1Amps + 1Amps USB Port)

This fateful age of technology demanded a newer, faster and more powerful work force so that they won’t be left behind by the very own machines they created. Notice the use of a double USB car charger, for instance.

Meets Quality Standard – It has CE and FCC certificates. It has also passed the environmental standards in [manufacturing|producing] electrical products set by RoHS.

Safety Features and Design

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