Trailer Wraps & Simple Mcdonalds Marketing

Graphics and designs alike are what help to make advertising stand out. Companies require different strategies, which goes without saying, but visuals must be done in the best of ways so that results can be reached. With that said, I could not help but notice that McDonalds has decided to go in a different direction with its marketing methods as of late. There is much for manufacturers of trailer wraps to read up on and here are a few details to keep in mind.

As a report on AdWeek went into detail about, McDonalds recently created billboards featuring different designs than what they have been used to. For those who do not know, it’s important to keep in mind that McDonalds has always been heavily focused on the promotion of its actual food through images. Instead of food-centric graphics being used for said billboards, though, emoji-like images will be featured. It’s a different take on McDonalds’ marketing, which goes without saying.

Keep in mind that these billboards, as the article referenced, will only be available in France. However, its reach will not be terribly limited, as it’s been said that over 2,700 locations in France will be presented with the billboards in question. It seems like this is a rather bold move on the part of McDonalds, seeing as how it could theoretically stick with its current marketing methods and remain in business for quite some time. However, as times change, advertising must work in kind.

After reading up on this report, I believe it goes without saying why it was that McDonalds decided to take this effort in terms of marketing. JMR Graphics, as well as other companies, can talk about the importance of smart visuals, which is why I feel like emoji-like images are rather fitting. In addition, McDonalds is such a popular brand that the general public will be able top piece together what it is that these emojis are attempting to get across. I wouldn’t be surprised if more vehicle and trailer wraps, in addition to other billboards, follow up on this.

I believe that this particular marketing method will be able to help McDonalds in due time. Keep in mind that the usage of smaller, simpler images has been able to help other brands in the past; it wouldn’t be out of the question to believe that they can help McDonalds just as well, if not more so. As referenced earlier, France is the only country that is going to be treated to these billboards. Who is to say that this can’t change, though, in order to include other places? Of course, this may be dependent on the long-term success of this particular endeavor.

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