Upcoming game: Beyond Two Souls coming 2013

I have competed so many play station game in my life and most of them were spectacular. Some of my best play station games are Final Fantasy series, GTA San Andreas, portal 2 and mass effect.

They were all awesome games and there are several more, however there is another Ps3 video game I am longing for play that is going to lunch around the next year.

The name of the PS 3 game is Beyond: Two Souls and by the looks of it, it appears to be one of the recommended and most promising game of the year 2013. The creator of the Beyond: Two Souls is the same who created the award wining remarkable game “Heavy Rain”.

The first trailer of the game posted by the Quantic Dream the developers of the game on the YouTube on June 4, 2012. Like heavy rain, this game is also a psychological thriller role playing video game. It tells the story about the girl named Jodie Holmes aging 15 years who possess supernatural powers and how she grow up and learns to live in this world around her.

If you have played Quantic Dreams “Heavy Rain” then you will know what to imagine from this game. It is not like any other usual games. It is a unique action packed drama thriller that will surely make you stick to your seat for a long time.

Beyond: Two Souls attributes a new game engine, unique storyline and a first-rate cast. The player will play as Jodie whose voice has been provided by the Academy award nominee Ellen Page of Inception fame. She not just gave her voice but the character of Jodie looks much like her.

Jodie Holmes possesses some supernatural powers by a psychic link to an indivisible entity. You can experience many striking moments while playing the role of Jodie and your actions and decision will decide the fate of your player. You will face many tremendous challenges throughout the game containing emotionally packed events, which you have never experienced in any video game ever.

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