Using Conversion Focused Email Marketing Strategies

Welcome to the modern age of marketing. No longer do businesses rely upon only word of mouth or catalogs for advertising. Today, thanks to the modern digital age of technology, email is fast becoming a marketing strategy. It’s really no wonder that this has trended over the last several years, with over 90 percent of consumers and businesses alike utilizing this function, you can reach more customers in a much shorter amount of time.

Give Them Something: Customers won’t open an email if it doesn’t appear that it will offer them any benefit. That said, give them what they want and you’ll find that you have more customers and business than anticipated. What can your email offer the customer? Will it help them in the long run? Does it give them tips and tricks? Will it encourage them to want to click on the link provided and perhaps make a purchase? It’s all in the wording. Stay focused and provide them with the right option and in most cases a new customer will be born.

The Purpose: The main purpose of an email is to reach more customers and to get potential customers to click on the conversion content or the sales page. With this in mind, you’ll want to leave out all distractions and optimize the link that you wish your customers to click upon. Avoid putting in social media links or other links that may lure potential customers away from the goal.

Image Presentation: Some email servers aren’t ideal for images. Picture yourself as the customer and figure out what images work best on most of the email servers. Now focus on that sort of image for your campaign. Often times, people really rush this step and it ends up hurting them in the long run.

Opt Outs:It’s important to always give the option of opting out of your emails. This can go at the bottom of the email as an “Unsubscribe” button. Be sure to let them know “no questions asked” and allow the potential customer the freedom of making this choice. There may be a few opt outs but in most cases, customers appreciate the opportunity to get a good deal. These tips and tricks will help your business to grow exponentially by using conversion focused email marketing strategies. – Google Topper 2.0 is a website dedicated to exposing the advantages & disadvantages with an in-depth Google Topper 2.0 Review.