Using Electrical Infrared Inspection Is A Sure Way To Save Time And Money

In electrical systems, high temperatures normally indicate an impending trouble. This can result from unnecessarily high resistance, short circuits, poor connections, ground fault or any other failing components common with electrical equipment. The problem must be pinpointed and rectified early enough as complete failures are normally expensive and at times can results to catastrophes. Instead of struggling to find the incipient failures through visual and other manual inspection methods which are costly, time consuming and may not pinpoint the problem, engineers are now turning to electrical infrared inspection that has proved to be the most effective alternative.

It is a good practice to inspect all electrical system components twice a year or at least every 12 months at minimum. When properly conducted, it is possible to detect and prevent accidents well in advance before they occur. For the equipment and the control systems that are subjected to movements and vibrations, every six months inspection is not optional.

In normal distribution, infrared surveys should be conducted on annual basis and is considered part of a regular preventive and maintenance program. This form of testing makes it possible to inspect a large number of components within the shortest time possible locating the faulty items in the system that could not be located through the physical survey or testing.

The devices that requires infrared surveys are the bus ducts, the distribution center, the distribution panels, receptacle panel, the transformers, lighting system, switchgears, disconnects and other components that make up the system. If well done, the uninterruptable power supply can be achieved as there is no need to shut down the system. The process of inspection takes place under the normal load without any disturbance to normal supply.

If you choose to use this form of testing, there is no need to shut down any part of the system as the testing is non-contact and nondestructive (NDT) at the same time. This means that all components can be inspected under their normal loads in the normal operating system. It involves scanning with the aim of revealing improper connections, damages and any form of flaws well in advance before they can result to any disaster.

This form of inspection is endorsed and recommended by several associations and regulatory bodies such as the InterNational Electrical Testing Association and National Fire Protection Association among several others. It has 1 to 4 returns on investment for both the labor and material used. It is this cost benefit analysis that make is a viable business for many companies that now offer this service.

This form of testing and survey therefore saves engineers millions of dollars improving profitability and significantly decrease the expenses in the areas of operations, testing and maintenance in general. With this convenience and financial benefits, this is a technology you cannot afford to miss in this century if you think of remaining in business.

In order to fully benefit from this cutting edge technology, you must be very keen on the companies you choose for the job. At minimum, the prospective company must have some proven record of good job done on previous assignments. For a good choice, the level of experience of staff also matters.

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