Vintage Neon Signs That People Love

Vintage neon signs are very popular in American society. Years ago they were the highlight of many businesses and it seems that they are making a great comeback. If you are someone with originality and flair then it is likely that you will own this item. Antique shops across the country are now offering these great symbols of the past to anyone that is interested.

The Superman logo is one that is very appealing to many males living in this era. They will hang this logo outside of their work establishments or will simply hang them in their bedrooms. This is one item that gives them a feeling of strength and charisma that many women may find irresistible. Superman represents the ultimate macho man in any society which is why men enjoy seeing this flashing symbol.

“Route 66” was a very popular television show in America in the early 60’s and now it can be seen on this item. Men will relate to the smooth hip characters who were on the show since they were always finding adventure and romance on the road. Beautiful women were also on the agenda as they made their way across the United States.

The elephant is the symbol for the Republican political party in America and the donkey represents the democrats. Both of these animals can be purchased by the average individual. People who support one party or the other will display the flashing animals in their yards during an election year. They may simply want to show their support by having these items up the whole year.

The Pink Panther proved to be a very popular movie years ago and this is why the panther himself will appear on these displays. He is one character that has style and is always making a fool out of others. When this item goes out in public people will easily notice it. Some of them may want to buy one for their own facility.

Owners of various strip clubs will display an item that may read “Live Nude Girls.” This posting has always existed for decades and it will draw the attention of every male in sight. This item will show a nude girl in the center of flashing lights which is all the customers need to see. Some of the postings will cover up the girl’s top half and other times it will only show her face.

Any Walt Disney fan will be sure to grab a Goofy symbol. This one simply has his head shot with flashing lights around it. Other characters like Mickey, Donald and Pluto can be found at any flea market or garage sale. You may also be able to find this particular product on Ebay since it is also a very sought after product.

Anybody who owns a vehicle has seen the Shell and Mobil symbols that were very popular years ago. These vintage neon signs are rarely seen at any gas station in modern times but they remain popular with collectors. A beer drinker is very familiar with the Coors and Budweiser displays that were usually located in bars across America.

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