Vority Dual USB Wall Charger Great On The Go

Everyone\’s talking about the Vority dual USB wall charger. It\’s this powerful 3.4 amp gadget accessory that has two ports – one that\’s designed to charge more powerful devices (capped at 2.4 amps) like the iPad 4 and iPad Air, and another (capped at 1.0 amps) that can replenish the battery of any other device – a smartphone, point-and-shoot camera, power bank, and even another tablet.

To provide a quick background to those who have been living under a rock – the Vority dual charger, as its product title states, is a type of charger with two powerful USB ports – one capped at 2.4 amps where the most recent versions of iPads (4 and Air) and the previous ones (iPad 3. clocked at only 2.1 amps) may be charged at full speed. The said Vority charger port will not in any way share its current with the similarly powerful secondary USB port capped at 1 amp, which can hastily and efficiently charge devices with smaller batteries such as smartphones and GPS trackers. By having only one dual USB wall charger to replenish two devices\’ batteries, the user would also find it convenient to only look for a single socket – ideal for those who work in public places other than their offices.

Other standout feature of the Vority dual charger is its ability to stop charging if one of the batteries is full. Overheating costly batteries is now a thing of the past.

This dual USB wall charger is also great on-the-go. Its space efficient design makes it very easy to pack and store. Why bring multiple chargers when you can bring one? All you need to do is connect the cables to the charger\’s port and get charging!

It has two USB hubs each with different current outputs. One USB port is made for devices that require 5V/2.4Amps/12Watts and another for 5V/1.0Amps/5Watts. Though older generation iPads and many other tablets require 2.1 amps, this dual USB wall charger is equipped with a 2.4Amp USB port to cater the Ipad 4 and the iPad air for an optimal charging speed.

The 1Amp USB hub is usually required for charging smart phones like the iPhone, Android handsets, or any other cell phones out on the market.

For places with limited sockets such as coffee shops, malls, and hospitals, the dual USB wall charger will definitely help. For instance, baristas who are in need to charge gadgets may find the dual charger useful, as most of the sockets in their workplace currently power the machines they need to make coffee.

eBay is another good site where one may look for the Duo34AC USB wall charger. Those who really have a tight budget (as if the charger is not cheap enough) may look for used but working versions, on top of the unused and still sealed available. It is strongly recommended, however, that the product be tested first before purchase as eBay doesn\’t really guarantee their products\’ warranties.

Though the Vority dual charger is a highly durable product, it still pays to be safe.

Third, it is short circuit proof which makes one\’s charging experience hazard free. Lastly, it can charge any gadget one can think of. This charger will simplify one\’s life. It will be worth every single penny. It is the best and most handy charger there is!

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