Vority’s Dual USB Wall Charger: An Evaluation

The Vority DUO34AC is a dual USB wall charger was produced by Vority for Amazon. This wall charger is light weight and compact, weighing only 92 grams. This charger’s dimension is pegged at 2.6 inches by 2.1 inches by 1.1 inches. This dual USB wall charger has a bendable prong that is hidden when not in use.

This charger is made of heat-resistant and fire-proof materials so it is completely safe for the home. When in use, the Vority DUO34AC can be as hot as 32 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since this is a wall charger, one just needs to provide his or her gadget’s own cord, attach it to the charger head and it will be good to go.

When Apple introduced their newest gadgets, the Ipad 4 and Ipad Air, a challenge was given to makers of either single or dual USB wall chargers. These new gadgets requires 2.4 amperes of electricity, while their predecessor, the iPad 3 and older models, only need 2.1 amperes. To answer this call, Vority through Amazon.com created the Vority DUO34AC, a charger that can support up to 3.4 amperes of electricity.

This dual USB wall charger is light weight – only weighing 92 grams. It has retractable prongs that can be hidden when not in need, making it more lightweight and compact. This dual USB wall charger stands at 2.6 inches (height) by 2.1 inches (length) by 1.1 inches (width).

That being the case, one would not find it difficult to find which port is for what gadget. This ensures two gadgets (a combination of phones, tablets, ipads, ipod, Music player and cameras) can be recharged at the same time. And since there is no power sharing, this makes sure that charging two gadgets would not take longer than usual.

The iPad 3 and lower tablet models require at least 2.1 amperes of current for efficient charging. On the other hand, the new iPad 4 and the iPad air require 2.4 amperes, which cannot be provided by other third party chargers. Port 1 of the Vority DUO34AC dual USB wall charger can accommodate at most 2.4 amperes (enough to recharge your iPad Air), while Port 2 can accommodate 1.0 amperes of current perfect for a mobile or smart phone or a small Music player, a digital camera or a power bank.

One only needs to provide the original power cord that came with the device (or from a reputable retailer) whose socket will be attached to the Vority DUO34AC power adapter.

Another thing that makes the Vority DUO34AC dual charger unique, is its ability to control the current coming in thus making sure that no gadget won’t be overcharged.

This charger only weighs 92 grams making this charger great for home and office use as well as for travelling. It also has an LED indicator that helps one know if the phone is still charging or not as well as confirm if the charging is working properly.

Plus, it comes wit a two year warranty from Amazon to cover any factory defects (if any) of this dual USB wall charger. No wonder this item was selling like hotcakes.

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