Vority’s DUO34AC Is The Best Charger For You

The Vority Fast and Smart DUO34AC usb wall charger gives the technologically inclined users a better way of meeting their gadgets’ power needs without giving up style, compatibility, and safety. Offering the ability to charge batteries of two devices at the same time, it promises convenience when you need it the most.

Generating a whopping 3.4 amps, it is specially designed for powerhouse devices like the iPad 4 while still retaining its compatibility with less demanding devices. Add up the safety features and its sleek, compact design, what you get is a dual usb wall charger fit for both the casual and hardcore user.

Its 2.4 amp port is intended for iPad 4 and iPad Air, but it can also charge older tablets like the iPad 3 and phones with the same type of usb chargers. However, despite the higher amps, it is completely safe to use for phones with lower amp needs. It will not damage your older phones and charge them as fast as their original chargers – while charging your tablet or another phone at the other port.

Not only that, it also ensures that only the right amount of current enters your device’s battery. So plugging your 1 amp phone on the 2.4 amp socket of the DUO34AC is perfectly safe. As a matter of fact, both the 1.0 amp socket and the 2.4 amp socket can cater to any type of device that uses a usb charger – iPhones, iPads, music players, Kindles, and even spare battery cases!

It lets you charge and forget about your phone until you need it, making it best for people with a fast lifestyle who cannot afford to check their devices every three hours to check if their batteries are full. Overcharged batteries can permanently damage your device, but Vority’s dual usb wall charger saves the day again!

This dual usb wall charger generates 3.4 amps of current, which are separated between its 2.4 amp port and 1.0 amp port. The 2.4 amp port is built specifically for power hungry devices like the iPad 4, but it can also cater older tablets which need lesser power.

nts. However, this dual usb wall charger from Vority is not only safe, it is smart as well! It can detect whenever your device is fully-charged and stops overcharging by removing the power. You can plug in your phone and tablet and let the DUO34AC do its job. Vority’s DUO34AC will protect your phone from overcharging and overheating.

You no longer have to worry about your gadget until you need it again. It also has an LED indicator to tell you if the device is working properly. It is bright enough to see at night, when you just need that sleep when your phone battery is demanding its midnight snack.

The ability to charge two phones at full speed without having to check regularly for overcharging means you can continue your busy lifestyle without sacrificing small necessities and maintenance that your devices demand.

You can simply plug a phone and a tablet, or two phones, or even two tablets, without affecting their charging times. Truly, this dual usb wall charger is a technological marvel that only Vority can give.

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