Vority’s Duo34Ac USB Wall Charger: 8 Functions That Could Make It Popular

The black Dual USB Ports Charger from Vority is considered as one of the best charger for many power hungry devices. This Vority charger has the ability to fully charge your device within an hour or less, keeping you always on track.

Energy saver

What Makes this Charger the Best Among the Rest?


Two different gadgets can be fully charged at the same time. This means that both gizmos do not share similar power, thereby speeding up the charging time.

Then what makes this product stand out from the other chargers?

Since it is a dual wall charger, you can charge your smart phone and your tablet at the same time at the same speed, without sharing power.

Gadgets such as the Apple iPad Air and the Apple iPad 4 can be fully charged by connecting them to the first port. The second port can be connected to gizmos like the Apple iPad 3 and other tablets.


This dual USB wall charger is very smart that it automatically stops when charging is completed or when input voltage runs out. It has soft dimming LED that brighten, signifying that it is working.


This will also save you from having to bring two chargers when packing for a trip.

Other Vital Features

You can also charge two gadgets that are made by different manufacturers. For example, you can connect the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 and the Apple iPad 3 to great Vority’s dual USB wall charger.

The other port with 5 V / 1.0A/ 5 W is designed to charge phones, GPS navigation devices, music players. You don’t have to worry which port is designed for Apple, Android or any units.

The charging current is restricted by each port’s cable, capacity and the unit itself.

The LED of this product will light up if one gadget or two gizmos are properly connected. When the LED does not light, it means that the product is not properly connected with any gadget.

This charger can charge devices like cell phones, iPads, iPods, tablets, music players, cameras, PSPs, power banks, and many more. It will probably charge any device you can think of!

Since it has two ports with different amp and LED as an indicator, there is no need to worry about overcharging, it is designed to charge any sort of devices.

The downside of these popular dual wall charger is that it is not resistant to areas with temperatures of -20 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius or -4 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

This dual USB wall charger is made from high temperature resistant and fire proof materials.

It has 2 years free replacement warranty.


What are you still doing there?

This device is highly recommended.

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