Ways To Choose The Best Truck Laptop Desk

There are many models of truck laptop desks these days. The key reason why laptop desks are so attractive to truck owners is, they bring the convenience of a mobile office to your truck. Modern truck laptop desks are made of rugged high quality materials, thus they can last for years.

Pro Desks provides perfect mobile computing solutions. The company is located in North America but they ship their products around the world. The laptop truck mounts by Pro Desks fit virtually all truck models. You have to take note that Pro-Desks feature the Mongoose which is considered the most user-friendly and highly advanced laptop desk available. With this laptop desk, it offers great features than any other laptop desk available in the market. Because of owning those advanced features, Pro Desks truck laptop desks are among the best mobile computing options in the market now. This typical truck laptop desk fit laptop of all sizes, including the ones with widescreens. Additionally, it can also accommodate laptops that were ruggedized without any problems. The interchangeable base plate makes it possible for you to change the laptop holder from a truck to another without any difficulties. The advanced feature of the base saves you money since you will not need to purchase another laptop mount if you change your truck model. All you have to do is to change the base.

We are going to take a look at the advanced features of the amazing Pro Desks Mongoose truck laptop desk. Pro Desks Mongoose truck laptop desks easily stand out from other products made by competitors in terms of quality and durability. With this laptop desk, it is very professional with sleek finishing along with great features that cannot be matched by other laptop desks in the market at the present. One of the most impressive features is the 360 degree rotating pedestal arm holding the slide. It fits well with laptop of any sizes, including the 17′ widescreen ones. One more innovative feature of the Mongoose is the custom base plate. Mongoose is a no-drilling truck laptop desk, which means no modifications will be done to your truck while the Mongoose is being installed. Mongoose is also referred to as a “seat rail desk”.

The Mongoose have dominated the truck laptop desk market since it was first released. The Pro Desks Mongoose is definitely much more advanced than its previous models. One of the ideal features is the adjustable locking top made out of aluminum. The laptop desk can be turned side to side, so you can operate on your laptop easily even when you are standing outside of the truck. Using this laptop, you have full accessibility to all the ports without having any difficulties. The Mongoose height-adjustable rod allows you to find the right working position. Remember that there are no cables that will get in the way or leave unwanted marks anymore. You can comfortably swivel, tilt or turn the laptop to find the most suitable working position. This is made possible because of the advanced moving ball joint at the mount base. It takes you just twenty to thirty minutes to install the Mongoose to your truck. You are provided with the detailed instructions and the necessary tools for the job.

The Mongoose helps protect and secure your laptop. The shocking pads absorb the vibration and shocks while you are traveling on the road; thus keep your laptop safe. The locking knobs prevent your laptop from falling to the floor. Using the locking knobs is simple. You just need to turn the knobs to “Close” or “Lock” to prevent the laptop from opening or being taken by the thieves. It is an user friendly system that you can operate in a quick manner to place your computer in your vehicle or to remove it.

Pro Desks provides Mongoose, the most advanced truck laptop desk on the market these days. For more product features, feel free to visit their official website.