Ways To Save Battery Life On Ios7

With all the new smartphones and tablets on the market, a device charger is indeed an essential item for every person who needs to be constantly connected. Using Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE and Bluetooth would easily drain your battery life. Hence, having a car charger would greatly provide convenience for you and your gadgets. Here are some useful tips in choosing the best cell phone car charger.

Some users even report nausea and eye strain due to the new resolution and bright interface. Hence, to avoid visual discomfort and extreme instensity, tone down the brightness of your device. Decreasing the brightness would also help boost battery life.

* It should be fast and reliable. Vority has an automatic feature that stops operating when in danger of overheating and overcharging. It also works at full speed so full time charging consumes only little time.

* A warranty provides customers free access to repair and replacement when the device shows problems. When you purchase a Vority cell phone car charger, it comes with a 2 years free replacement warranty.

* The Vority Duo34CC Car Charger 3.4 speaks for itself -it is fast and smart. Unlike other chargers, it has a cool new feature that automatically stops operating when the device is in danger of overcharging. It also helps save energy since it only consumes little time when charging devices. You wouldn’t have to wait for your gadget to fully charge on your wall outlets.

* Only a few chargers today have a full 2A output charging that supports iPad and other tablets. Most chargers require high watt usage and only works on wall outlets. The Vority Duo34CC is highly compatible on all Android, Apple, Kindle and any device that utilizes Mac or PC USB port. It also supports Apple products such as iPad 2, 3, 4, iPods, iPhone 3, 4, 4S, 5 and even the newest 5s and 5c models. Moreover it is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab/Note/S, Nokia Lumia, LG Esteem and Kindle Fire HD.

* It should be safe to use and is poses no hazards while in operation. Gadgets nowadays cost a fortune and they should be considered as investments. Always protect your investments by choosing only high standard accessories for your devices.

No matter how much you try to stop your battery life from draining, it is still best to have a handy remedy for this new software update. Having a car charger is a convenient way to boost up your battery life your phone anywhere you go.

* Choose a charger that has multiple functions. Having two ports that allows charging for multiple devices simultaneously can help you save time and effort. This is an inherent feature of the Duo34CC charger, in line with its far-reaching compatibility.

* If you buy it on Amazon, you can purchase it for only $17.00. You can save a lot since it is normally priced at $39.99.

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