Wedding flowers for the Autumn

Summer is over and winter is well on its way, but before it arrives we are surrounded by deep, rich autumnal colours which is the perfect way to make the most of contrasting colours and add drama to a wedding theme. If you prefer an exotic touch to your bouquet, orchids come in a variety of colours and are perfect bridal flowers. If you cannot find the right shade for a corsage, think of using smaller orchids nestled amongst the deeper shades of the autumn foliage available.

When the temperatures drop using the deeper, warmer autumn colours adds richness to the wedding. When the shades are used in combination they can be striking. Bronze, copper and rust will tone well with foliage that is more muted than summer’s vibrant greens. Lilies, another popular floral choice for modern weddings, can be found in some of the pumpkin orange shades that shout harvest and autumn, that would be perfect for an autumn wedding bouquet.

There are still many of the seasonal flowers available in the autumn colours you may need or ones that will tone in well. Gerbera have an intense colour with a depth that works well with the autumn palate while having simplicity and style. Dahlias can have an intense presence and come in some of the deeper orange, red and burgundy shades. They can be used for table decorations or a corsage if needed and are very different to the often chosen Orchids and Lilies.

Autumn allows for some ingenuity and flair when it comes to wedding decorations, Halloween and Bonfire Night can be used as inspiration for themes. Hollowed out pumpkins can be used as natural flower containers for tables. It is also the time when brightly coloured berries can be added to the creation to add interest and texture. A small sprig of berries could also be used effectively nestled amongst foliage in a corsage or in a bouquet of lilies.

The change of the floral colour palates provides brides with the freedom to use the more unusual combinations of colours. Rich chocolate brown dresses, topped with short ivory or cream faux fur capes and teamed with posies of peach and cream orchids in a bed of muted green foliage would look amazing. For a more modern twist use a few artfully tied, long stemmed Lilies draped over the arm, single Lilies could then be used for the corsage.

A deep rich burgundy would be a striking contrast for an off white or ivory bridal gown and make for a stunning bridal party group. Head dresses of intertwined ivy, delicate lilies or orchids and berries together with a little sage green herb foliage would add a fragrant autumnal touch to the outfits and be reminiscent of harvest time, particularly if baskets of dried petals are carried rather than the traditional posies. The same combination could be used for an unusual corsage.

Not all women like or suit the deeper more intense shades, the paler options of the same colours can be equally effective. Peach, apricot and rose red apple shades make excellent alternatives to the deeper shades and are still within the autumnal palette choices. Orchids and lilies are available in such as variety of colours today there is bound to be one that will match any theme colour scheme chosen for the corsage and flowers for that all important day.

A wedding day is and always should be the bride’s day and the opportunity for her to express her style and taste by using the colours that she loves. Not all women like or suit the deeper shades but the popular Orchids and Lilies are available in a wide variety of sizes and shades so there is bound to be one to suit every taste. Their versatility means that they are ideal for almost everything from a delicate corsage to table decorations.

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