Wet Benches, Wet Etching, And The Industries Served

Wet benches are equipment used to perform wet etch process for semiconductor substrates. Generally, they are fully-automated and are used specifically in cleaning, stripping, texturing, and plating operations. They are designed to have several tanks (also known as modules) that contain process solutions.

Several specific configurations can be done with wet benches so that they can fit to your unique needs. They can be:

Fully-automated wet bench – it includes load and unload stations; the substrates are fully-processed and dried by the end of the sequence.

Semi-automated wet bench — the system includes either linear or rotational transfer from one module to another (2, 3 or 4 tanks in the sequence).

Manual wet bench — this particular configuration need an operator to do the manual transfer of cassette from one tank to another.

Intelligent process station — this configuration has the components of a fully-automated system with an added feature called control monitoring system.

Wet benches for semiconductor wet etching – the industries served:

Electronics — electronic products manufacturers are an example of industry being served by wet bench manufacturers as semiconductor components are being used in various electronic devices (e.g. mobile phone, laptop and desktop computers, radio components, etc.)

Solar — semiconductor components are also used for the production of solar panels utilized as an alternative energy source; it is also being used in solar panel system commonly installed in communication satellites and other astronomical endeavors.

MEMS — also known as nanotechnology or microelectronic fabrication, a process that is used for the production of integrated circuits.

LED — the LED manufacturing industry also relies on wet bench manufacturers for providing tools for manufacturing high brightness LEDs at lower cost than other conventional systems.

Bio-medical — the wet process industry also serves the bio-medical sector particularly in helping to provide technologies helpful in the medical works such as biochips and biosensors.

Disk drive — storage devices that you might be using today come from manufacturers that rely from wet bench manufacturers as they help in the production of mature, precise, and reliable storage products.

Wet bench manufacturers have been in business for quite some time and they continuously help several sectors, particularly those that rely on semiconductor components in their manufacturing processes.

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