What Are The Duties Of A Pharmacy Technician?

The key job of pharmacy technicians is to assist pharmacists in their work. Therefore, we can view a pharmacy technician as a pharmacist’s assistant. Pharmacy technicians need to perform various types of duties in order to help the pharmacists inside a pharmacy. Though the majority of the jobs of pharmacy technicians are inside the pharmacy, there are more places also where they perform their duties. In this article we’re going to cover about the Pharmacy Technician Jobs and Duties in a complete way.

Pharmacy technicians can work in certain different places. Those pharmacy technicians working in drugstores have a selection of duties. They are required to supply the exact drugs to the customers that are prescribed by the doctors. After offering those medications to the patients they have to fill these prescriptions, as well as weigh and count out the medication. Once filling is done in the proper bottle, the next task of pharmacy technician is to label them with the correct info.

It’s the duty of pharmacy technician to keep records of prescribed medicines and file them. They also have to keep the records of the customers together with their prescriptions. Pharmacy technicians working in assisted living facilities or hospitals have to observe the medicines very carefully.

These pharmacy technicians working in hospitals perform several jobs that are similar to those working in a pharmacy. But, they have specific duties to perform in houses or hospitals. They’re often responsible for delivering the medications to the patients, physicians, or nurses and producing sterile solutions. They also need to keep the complete record of the medications that are administered to the patients.

Though most of the jobs performed by pharmacy technicians working in pharmacies and hospitals are same, a different pharmacy technician job description is needed for both pharmacy technicians. The duties of these pharmacy technicians do differ to some degree as well. In both of the work settings, the environments where these professionals work have to be kept organised and clean. Some of them require to work full-time and other may do shift-work which will involve holidays, weekends, and nights.

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