What Does Global Domains International Provide You With?

One of the most frequently searched online businesses is Global Domains International. Despite it’s large reputation, however, very few members of this company are successful. In this post we detail what you get as a member and more importantly how to use it to get the most from your business.

Established in 1999, this business primarily started out without it’s now well known affiliate plan and it actually owns all of the .ws domain extensions worldwide.

Originally known as .ws for Western Samoa, GDI re-branded this as WebSite and began it’s assault on the home based business industry in 2004.

There are four main ingredients in the GDI product package, which are as follows:

1) Your choice of .ws domain extension. This allows you to create your own website.

2) Standard GDI web hosting tools.

3) A full, pre-made home based business.

4) Live events and training in the form of webinars and online guides teaching the basics of affiliate marketing.

Essentially you get your own website when you become a GDI member. You can build a site to your liking and use it for whatever you wish. Team members have taken their favorite hobby and built a site to help generate an income and brand themselves in their favorite niche. We have helped photographers, fitness instructors, writers and many other individuals to take this route but most people are attracted to this program for it’s affiliate plan.

We have used many affiliate plans which pay way more than the $1 per referral on offer in GDI, however none of them came close in terms of long term income as GDI opens the door ‘residually’. This means you are paid a commission each time you introduce a new member to GDI through your signup page, and you are paid again every single month thereafter, too. This can mount up quickly if utilized correctly.

With that type of earnings structure in place it’s possible to be paid and re-paid for ‘work’ performed one time. That’s the appeal of GDI. However most affiliates do not achieve this, as often they mistake this ability to create a monthly income which is almost passive with the fact that it doesn’t mean it’s money for nothing.

The shocking fact is over 80 percent of GDI affiliates fail. This is for a number of reasons.

* No support from their uplines. Too many GDI reps promise an easy ride and then provide not even a contact email address.

* Most new members have no idea how to get started.

* No realistic vision. Often people get sucked in by the hype of ‘easy money’. Coupled with the need some sponsors have to promise results for zero effort just for joining their team, and you have the number one reason so many people fail in GDI.

Global Domains International provides a quite unique opportunity. With such great riches possible it’s amazing so few people focus on it enough to get any results. It certainly is a business which is not for everybody. If you decide to try your hand at this home business we wish you the very best, and we hope you enjoyed reading our overview which will stand you in good stead for the future.

Publisher: Russ Howe is a world leading coach within Global Domains International 2012. Before signing up, be sure to pick up your complete guide to Global Domains International results.