What Exactly is Botox?

Botox is a much sought-after procedure all over the world with various types of personalities who are seeking to look younger. This therapy is not as medically invasive as other methods of anti-aging such as plastic surgery. Moreover, it is not a permanent technique; caring for the treated areas will make the youthful-looking skin last a long time. Since this procedure is non-invasive, it is also a lot less riskier than other methods. In the long run, although it is less permanent, Botox is a much safer and recommended anti-aging procedure.

What Makes Up Botox?

Botox is the brand name of a popular anti-aging procedure that is sought after by a lot of people. What makes it up is a protein called botulinum toxin. This botulinum is the same toxin that may cause paralysis and food poisoning if ingested in more amounts than usual. In smaller amounts, this toxin is made into Botox which is beneficial to those who want to look youthful. This treatment will really remove wrinkles and fine lines. parties are common wherein guests use Botox on each other while drinking wine and eating hors d’oeuvres. However for the safest treatments of laser hair removal Miami or Botox type treatments see a professional.

Which Solutions?

When you go to get a this treatment you will be receiving an injection that treats and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles around the brow and forehead areas. This is a chemical that is injected which is the catalyst that starts controlled weakening of the muscles that were directly applied with Botox. As the muscle relaxes the skin smoothes out. Botox is not only remedy for cosmetic enhancements but for treatment of some organic medical conditions as well. It may also be used to treat drooping eyelids and prevent the prostate gland from swelling. Botox is also used for chronic pain treatment like arthritis, headaches, any hyperactive sweat glands conditions or perhaps a cramp from writing. These are common treatments in spas in Miami.

How is it Effective

It affect the nerves and not anything else. It means that the communication between the nerves and the muscles where it is injected is actually blocked temporarily. Two days after the treatment, you will feel the results and then muscles will smoothen and wrinkles will not be visible anymore. This same reaction can relieve migraine headaches or muscle cramps or even that chronic pain. It will not be for another 6 months before your wrinkles will be visible again, and even that is gradual. Many patients then have follow up appointments at this point.

The Side Effects

For those who have your Botox treatments performed by a trained technician under the supervision of the licensed dermatologist you will experience very few if any side effects. You may suddenly come up with a headache, indigestion or nausea. Some people have flu-like feelings. However if you go to a clinic that specializes in accomplishing this the dangers are minimized. However, be careful because if you get the procedure too many times you will get that artificial plastic look.

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