What Is A Xylan Coated Bolt?

For the uninformed, it seems that xylan coated bolts are quite esoteric. What makes bolts so specialised that one is covered in xylan, Teflon or sigma? So what exactly is a xylan coated bolt and how does it make a difference when combining industrial or electronic parts? Why is it so important to pick it over the other types of bolt?

Bolts are components that keep construction materials in their right position. They are secured by pounding, insertion, or through the use of a sealant into a base or surface. The bolts, however, react differently to changes in the weather and chemical reactions, and in time might weaken. But what is important is that the set ups withstand the test of time, just when nothing lasts forever. And great bolts usually work.

Xylan is a kind of solvent-based thin film topcoat that is manufactured worldwide by Whitford Company. It’s actually a brand name. What makes Xylan topcoats exceptionally interesting is that it has a high lubricity and resistance to deterioration. It is also able to withstand extreme temperature even those as soaring as 500 degrees. Xylan becomes more resilient and stronger though when it is applied over a phosphate or zinc basecoat prior to electroplating.

A Xylan Anchor Bolt possess an increased torque capacity and composition and it comes in seven kinds. The bolt also has non-stick components that can be functional for bolts. The bolts are in addition very sturdy and has extremely rare incidences of chipping. Xylon bolt are also great for surfaces that required a smooth bolt. And since the bolts are not coated with cadmium, they are resistant to deterioration.

The use of Xylan is not limited to construction and engineering projects, but of course, its specific use is dictated by the desires of the consumer. Since the 1970s, Xylan has been enhanced to even provide material protection from UV rays and the potential corrosive and tensile effects of water.

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