What Is Affiliate Marketing

When people ask the question about what is affiliate marketing, they are looking to make some money on line. Affiliate marketing is, of course, the promoting of a product or service that is not owned by the marketer and, for their efforts, earn a commission for each sale. There are more multi millionaires, around the world, in this industry than in any other.

An affiliate marketer begins with three rules, or steps, in order to market other peoples products. Finding out what people want is paramount as they can not market something people do not want with any level of success. This can be done by talking with people. What a concept. This can also be found by checking in with Google or any of the other search engines. Find out what people are looking to buy or get more information about.

Taking the research that was done to find a product people want, locating an affiliate product clearing house will provide a lot of products to choose from. There are thousands of products that you can use as your entry into affiliate marketing. The creators of these products will often provide helps for you such as emails, banners and other resources.

Signing up with one or more of these websites is free. They will assign an affiliate link to the marketer, based on the product they will be promoting. This link will send the traffic generated to the sales page and credit all sales to the marketers account. The traffic is the biggest issue that all marketers deal with and there are specific ways to do this.

The three main different categories of people to target with your promotions are other Internet marketers, business consumers and regular people. There will also be different methods of attracting attention to your promotions for each group. A couple of techniques will work for all of them and should be examined. Pay Per Click advertisements will bring a lot of attention, based on the searches each group makes in their search engines. Article marketing will garner some attention as these are high page rank directories you will post in.

The other Internet marketers will be able to access the same things you do. They will need to be approached with new products they may not have heard about yet. Pay Per Click and joint ventures with Gurus in the niche will be your best bet. Since there are new products and services coming out every day, timing and the ability to get promotions out fast will help you in this area.

Marketing to a business community will need to take a different tack. Posting in some of the many Forums dealing with the industry you are trying to attract will help. Making well informed postings and answering questions your potential customers have will present you as an authority that simply must be listened to.

The last part of the three step plan is to repeat what was done in the first two. The answer to the question about what is affiliate marketing has to do with knowledge, a willingness to do what is necessary and persistence in doing it. There is plenty of room out on the Internet with millions of marketers making a little or a lot of money. The best answer is that it is a way to make a lot of money and help yourself to a better lifestyle.

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