What is an accreditation agency?

For the process of accreditation to be done, there are proper accreditation agencies working around the world. Mainly accreditation is of two types; institutional accreditation which is further divided in to two categories like national and regional accreditation and second specialized accreditation.

As far as institutional accreditation agency is concerned, it revolves around the institution means accreditation of a particular institution. And national accreditation is the kind of accreditation which can be done under country domain. Both accredited agencies discussed above work for the sake of profits.

On the other hand, regional accreditation agency basically accredits the institutions around the geographical area. Regional accreditation is known to be the older and most effective way to accredit institutions as compared to the national accreditation.

Schools are accredited national and regionally and there is a possibility that one schools accredited both nationally and regionally. However, the purpose of both accreditations is same which is to provide quality education to the students. But the institutional accreditation is more based on program level accreditation instead of profit maximization. Any single school which is accredited nationally and regionally offers specialized accreditation courses to the students as well. And it totally depends on which course you are going to get enrolled.

There are a lot accredited agencies working worldwide, National Education Council is on of them. It is an independent accreditation agency devoted to help students who are willing to take non-traditional education and re more interested in non-regulated employments or self-employment. As hundreds of business opportunities that requires a proper degree from the recognized institution. Therefore, the objective of National Education Council is to provide quality education to the students worldwide by offering alternative education courses that these students will become employable or start their own business.

NEC helps students by not just providing quality education but also incredible quantity of exposure around the globe. NEC board of directors is a panel which consists of trainers and educators from around the world to ensure quality education. These educators thoroughly examine each course offered to the students and ensure that it will definitely create income for the students. They offer best learning environment to the students and if any board member votes against the applicant or school then it would be rejected for accreditation.

So, after reading the above info you all would be well aware of the accreditation process and what is the role of the accreditation agency and its impact on the students and their careers.

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