What Is The Scentsy Compensation Plan?

Earning money in this tough world is not easy. To make a living or get extra cash by sale of items to earn commission is a method preferred by many. Scentsy gives perfect opportunity make money this way through sale of scented candles. If planning to start a business with the sale of these products it is important to understand the workings of Scentsy compensation plan.

This compensation plan gives commission on sale volumes and bonuses too through the team leadership that you build. This compensation plan has eight ranks. A new seller begins with the lowest rank which is the Essential Consultant at the same time getting 20% of commissions on sales at a flat rate. By the time you are selling units valued at $1000 the level gets higher to be a Certified Consultant with a flat rate commission of 25%.

By the time when you are at this rank, its a requirement that you build a down line associates through recruitment of new people to be in your sales team so as to increase your sales. You need to sell 500 units and your down line associates should make at least $1000 monthly units. You now earn 25% of the commission and a 2% of the sales of the team.

The next rank is the Lead Consultant with 1000 units from group wholesale volume and 2% commission on the down line team. A Star Consultant has 2500 units on the group wholesale volume and up to 4% on commissions. The next rank is that of a director. When a consultant is promoted to a director they break away. This is to mean they disassociate from the down line team and their wholesale volume is no longer counted in the total whole sale volume.

Directors have 2000 wholesale volume in total and 10,000 units from associates in addition to 9% worth of commission. 6,000 monthly wholesale volumes are required for a Star Director with 30,000 units from the associates and also commission worth 9%. The highest rank is the Super Star Director with a requirement of 10,000 units of the team with 80,000 from the whole group wholesale volumes. There is a 25% worth of commissions and with a 9% from the team.

The compensation plan also compensates through royalties to leaders and from hosting parties. Members hold parties and invite consultants to display the products. These parties may be hosted at home, online, open house or even away. Those in attendance view the products n display and purchase. With every purchase the host gets items that are free or get them at half the price based on the purchase value.

Scentsy compensation favors you as you rise up the ranks. It gives an opportunity to sell bigger volumes and also get more members so as to make your commission bigger. Starting is not difficult at all since the Starter Kit is only $99.besides, marketing is not necessary since products are popular and they sell fast.

To do well in this job it is not a prerequisite to have worked in sales. When starting there is a coach to help you out and a workstation is provided. In addition, it is a chance to be the boss at your own work and besides there is not much capital required to begin. The return from this venture is varied for various people due to the differences in efforts and time invested.

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