What Makes The DUO34AC USB Wall Charger Unique?

There is a dual USB wall charger out there that can do pretty much everything and that charger is the DUO34AC.

A problem however with smartphones and tablets is their short battery life. Unlike the old phones that were released in the early 2000s, the battery life of smartphones and tablets only last for around 5-6 hours at the most, especially when the wifi or data option is used. This is why most people recommend buying a dual USB wall charger.

Some however, don’t feel the need of having to buy dual USB wall chargers because they already have their own chargers for each of their gadgets. The following are simple reasons why it’s smarter to have one.

This magnificent dual USB wall charger has enough juice to fully charge your gadgets at a quick rate. Waiting for hours just to charge one device is no longer a problem when you have the DUO34AC. This charger has 2.4 Amps ports that are able to charge power sucking devices like the iPad Air and iPad 4 in a short span of time. It can quickly charge other phones, music players, tablets, and other gadgets you may have faster than any other wall charger on the market today.

Second, they can save space on the sockets. Instead of using up two sockets, having a Duo34AC USB wall charger on uses up one socket on the wall but has two attachments at the end, one for the tablet and one for the smartphone. This can be a lifesaver especially if you’re in Starbucks and there’s only one available socket to charge your phone on while you use the wifi.

The universal port that this charger uses can accommodate all kinds of brands whether they are Apple or non-Apple devices. The charger has specific ports for different-sized gadgets. Smaller gadgets like Bluetooth headsets, smartphones, and music players are plugged into the 2.4A port.

This dual USB wall charger does not only charge gadgets faster, it also charges them smarter. This charger has the ability to detect when your device is already fully charged. It will automatically stop charging devices when they are fully charged. You will no longer have to worry about overcharging your iPhone or any other device, when you plug them into the DUO34AC. This wall charger can also detect if the power source is too far. If the DUO34AC detects that a power source is too far, it will stop charging gadgets. The soft dimming light tells users that the charger is doing its thing.

When you have at least three or four gadgets, you don’t want to lug around four different chargers for each of your gadgets, right?

This is the reason why having your very own dual USB wall charger is a smarter choice especially for any hip and fashionable teenager anywhere. If ever you’re wondering where you can get one, you can have the best deal with the Universal Blackberry Bluetooth Vority DUO34AC. It is very versatile and at the same time useable.

The DUO34AC is an effective USB wall charger. This charger has an AC input from 100V to 240V that enables users to use it in almost any part of the world. The materials used to make the DUO34AC were approved by the RoHS, CE, and FCC. The materials are also fire proof and high temperature resistant to make sure that users are safe whenever they charge their gadgets. The DUO34AC is also a lightweight and foldable gadget that users can easily store and take with them when they travel.

This is the reason why you should only get ones that are sure to work and if ever you feel the need to get one online, make sure it’s found in a respectable website.

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