What Should One Charge To Take A Dog For A Walk

Most of us like animals. If you agree, then you most probably had one or two. I owned a dog previously. Dogs make great company. Dogs get used to you with time.

Caring for our animals is our obligation out of the love we have for them. For this reason, we need to ensure they are clean, healthy and well fed. No matter what kind of animal you own, all this is part of loving it.

Many people own pets for the sake of their interaction. Some people find pleasure in working with animals and make it a career

One of the areas available to pet lovers is the dog walking business.

Dog walkers each day walk their client’s dogs. That might be a short walk or scenic walk for the exercise of the dog. Animal lovers find this exciting.

The capital of this business is little yet it scores big. Many People are willing to part with lots of money so that their dogs can be walked by other people. It is also possible to hire dog walkers and be their manager.

You have the ability of choosing what type of service you want to engage in. Do you prefer either walking a group of dogs or a single one at a go?

You can diversify to offer other services as massage, grooming or training on obedience.

One important aspect of this business is the price you set for the service. How do you go about setting the fees?

The standard fee for walking dogs in a city with a population of 10 to 150 thousand people is as follows.

A ½ an hour walk costs 15 to 20 dollars. On an hourly basis, the price goes up to20 to 30 dollars The above pricing is for a single dog, an additional dog fetches half of the deal.

The rate differs if there with the walking distance, the type of walk and if the dog is to be offered treats along the way. It might also vary if you group walk dogs rather than a single or two dogs.

If you are going to offer other services, such as massage or grooming, you can work that out on an individual basis.

Ensure that you are working costs upfront while dealing with walking dogs especially with additional costs.

Walking dogs can be a great business to get into if you love pets and like working around them. Some people pay generously for you to walk their dogs as they do not have the time to do so. This service is of value to them. This business can be turned into an enjoyable and profitable venture.

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