What To Know About Monuments Men Book

The Monuments Men book is said to be based on a true story about one of the greatest treasure hunt in the history. The story is an action drama and focuses on a platoon during the World War II. They were asked by the FDR to go to Germany to rescue some artistic masterpieces that were stolen by the Nazi thieves and return it to the right owners.

Typically, it was indeed an impossible mission since some art pieces were situated within the enemy lines. Some of the German army were abiding their orders to destroy all things that they see. Yet, the Monuments Men have thought that they are in a particular race against time to further avoid destroying a thousand years of rich culture.

They have also risked their own lives in order to protect or defend the great accomplishments of mankind. This is believed to occur during the reign of Adolf Hitler when he attempted to take over several portions of the western civilizations. This particular group is made up of curators, American and some British museum directors, historians and others.

The World War II was one of the most destructive wars that happened in history. This has caused a great dislocation of important cultural artifacts. Because of it, there were thousands of items that were reported to be missing up the present.

There were many documentaries and some photographs that were taken of the author of this book just to present all of his achievements. Mr. Robert M. Edsel is the known author of this book that described this group from some initial missions that they were limited to combat damages to some structures or artifacts. This was made to change the focus to locating several missing items.

This book had been turned into a great film nowadays to provide the audience a creative representation concerning such unforgettable part of history. Most part of the photography had started in March 2013 in which the scenes of the World War II are performed by around more than a thousand men. There were even scenes that have included some footage of the American war that is happening in their base and their various flights.

Generally, this group was made approximately of about three hundred forty five men and women. They came from thirteen different nations that make up the MFAA section during the World War II. They were united with one aim and that is to protect the monuments and some other treasures during the war.

In the last year, they have tracked, located and returned around five million artistic or cultural pieces that have been stolen by Hitler and some of the Nazis. All their tasks were indeed significant and exceptional. They definitely made a great mark in most of the history of some nations they are part of.

The Monuments Men Book is really a story that is really worth reading. One would certainly get many facts or learning out from this. Moreover, there would be some things that you might discover once you have read this such as names or biographies of some people who have contributed to the entire success of this remarkable mission. This particular group had made a name to the recent generation and have been honored or recognized by filming their stories.

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