What You Need To Know About Conservative Candidates Illinois 2014

In the political arena in America, voters need to be assured that their needs will be look after by the favorite party. One of the parties that people are getting more and more comfortable with is a conservative. Democracy has to be there for any country to succeed in protecting the rights of its citizen, and that is why conservative candidates Illinois 2014 decided to compete so that they can fulfill the dreams of their voters.

In major town, the candidates asked the voters to choose them in their various representation districts. In the 16th District, they did the same. Aspirants competed against one another in an electoral process seen as historic. The voting districts included parts of Chicago and Illinois North Central. The area covers Indiana and all the ways to the borders of Wisconsin, stretching to other regions as La Salle, Rockford, Watseka and Dekalab. During the voting, the areas experienced quality competition to take power.

Adam Kinzinger, a first timer standing as a candidate in 16th District was trying to ouster Don Manzullo, the former pilot in the airforce wing with republican stands. In this new voting, all the favors pointed to Kinzinger because the hometown of Manteno was a democratic city. The main reason he availed himself as a candidate was the home support.

The 2nd District was also characterized with heated competitions. It was quoted as one with the most heated initial fights for leadership. The area stretches South of Chicago all the way to Kankakee and even Indiana border. In this area, Jesse Jackson Jr was the first to be elected in 1995. In 2014, he faced a hot challenge from Debbie Halvorson, who was a former U. S Rep. For Jackson, he was faced by many personal and political challenges despite having won the last 16 elections with 80 percent votes.

In the 2nd district, Halvorson saw a weak point coming from Jesses political and personal problems making it his point of campaigning. In the previous votes, Halvorson was defeated by Adam Kinzinger in the election of 2010 standing in another district. A woman who worked as a sales representative of Mary Kay competed against Jackson.

The competition did not stop there because in 8th district, there were more emerging twists and the voters made the decision of electing their favorite candidate. The district has many areas which includes Bloomingdale, Schaumburg and Elgin. There were 2 democrats who declared their interest in the race which consist of Tammy Duckworth a former Iraq war veteran and also worked as an assistant secretary in the Barrack Obamas administration.

Tammy Duckworth was challenged by his other democrat raja krishnamoorthi who had earlier lost his election in the year 2010 as an Illinois comptroller. He took his time to give his democrat challenger a tough competition. These two democrats were good in challenging each other.

In the year 2014, new aspirants such as the Congressman Joe Walsh emerged. He holds the character of attacking Obama presidency in many of his appearances on television. Walsh had earlier been voted in 2010 in a nearby district. Other aspirants include Don Manzullo with a Republican ticket made the competition worth in the city. The people standing as firs timers were to seek election against seasoned ones, with some changing the areas of representation.

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