What You Need To Know About Drilling Rigs For Sale

Oil is undoubtedly one of the most coveted natural resources today. It is the dream of every country to find a deposit of oil within their boundaries, as it is bought by other countries at very high prices. It is even dubbed today as black gold, as they rake in millions worth of profits as it is a crucial substance in modern economy. Those who think they have found such a treasure mine waste no time in buying drilling rigs for sale and other related equipment.

A drilling rig is a machine that creates holes in the ground. It is essential for oil rich companies, as they are used to extract the said substance from under the ground. They can be as big as a tower or they can be small enough to be operated by one person. These small ones are more commonly known as augers.

To be able to extract oil from below the crust, one must drill very deep holes first. As the said substance is typically found very deep below, it will be impractical to have men dig thousands of feet in order to reach a reserve. To be able to do this quickly and easily, drilling rigs are used. One the holes are dug, the oil will be sucked from below and will be transported to plants where they will be processed.

Aside from drilling oil wells, they are also utilized as drills to draw water and natural gas. They are also used to sample sub surface mineral deposits. They are also used by those who wish to study rocks, soil, and other groundwater physical properties.

The really big ones can be as high as a residential tower, and is utterly improbable to be manipulated by an individual without any outside help. They are used for large scale purposes and are often owned by company giants. These expansive equipment can drill a hole in the ground that is about a thousand meters deep.

Not all of them are planted permanently on land. True, there are those found on land like the oil reserves in the Middle East. But, others are situated on a marine based structure, also known as offshore oil rigs. Some are in the form of mobile equipment that are then mounted on trucks and trailers.

There are many different kinds of this special equipment. Each type caters to different needs. The first type is the one which is the most common. Land rigs are basically used in the petroleum industry. They are used for boring to the ground to make oil wells and can come in different sizes, according to application.

There is also one type that is mounted on a huge vessel, say for example, a barge. This so called barge rig is made up of the drill that is securely fastened onto the marine vessel. This is used exclusively to drill holes on shallow waters.

Offshore rigs do not stand on land, neither are they mounted onto a moving vehicle nor vessel. Two known offshore types include the platform and semi submersible rigs. The former features the rig that is mounted on a secure platform of concrete or steel. The submersible type can still function even when immersed in water up to ten thousand feet.

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