What You Should Know About Abstract Digital Photography

Now that we are in the digital age, you have the opportunity to take much more interesting photographs than you were, before. It is, of course, much easier to take vacation and holiday photographs, too, if you have a digital camera. What is much easier to explore, now, however, is abstract digital photography.

What this means is using various tricks and methods to create a unique and interesting picture. There are several different things that you can experiment with to give something that would usually be fairly ordinary or boring a fascinating spin. To begin with, one thing you can do is play with perspective.

Take a picture from a different angle than you might usually to give the subject a very different look. The goal here, perhaps, is to bring out something in the subject that usually would not be seen. Perhaps you show something new by taking a photo from the bottom or the top. Something small appears to be large, and this can drastically alter the factors that are most apparent when you are viewing it as you usually would.

The inverse can also be true, of course, although this is, possibly, much harder to do. Different perspectives mean that different things come into view. Texture in conjunction with distance is another thing that you can look at. The small detail is visible with a close-up, of course. One of the most fascinating things, here, is that it will eventually stop resembling itself as you are used to.

You might even say that it appears to be a different object, altogether, from this new view. Another thing you will probably want to take into consideration is color. This is useful as a tool as it will influence the tone and the mood of the piece and can also contribute to the focus. You can experiment, here, especially since you do not have to be realistic. For example, you could create a single mood or a contrast by setting different colors together.

Another thing you could try is displaying things in a color that you would not usually see them in. This may alter how these things appear very drastically. Selective focus is something else to look at and this, of course, is very specific to photography. Using selective focus, you can narrow in on a particular part of the subject.

You could take things one step further by having the focal point be something that you would not usually focus on, which would create a very different appearance, instead. This focal point is given sharp definition while everything else is left blurry. Color and things can also be applied here, too. Perhaps you could use a different shade for the background, which adds to where you want the focus to be.

Use of shapes, too, can be instrumental, here. The shape of the object itself can be warped or changed in appearance due to perspective or light. You could also use contrasting shapes depending on whether you want to highlight curves or straight lines. There are lots of good techniques you can use to create interesting pictures with abstract digital photography.

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