What You Should Know About Non Woven Bag Printing

It was during 1950’s when the first plastic bags were made to be used for shopping supplies. Aside from this, there are also other products found everywhere which are made from plastic. These include utensils and containers. However, in recent decades researchers have discovered that plastic can actually cause harm to the environment because it does not decompose easily.

Many studies claim that for a plastic bag to fully decompose or decay, it would need hundreds of years. To reduce the adverse impact of plastic bags on the environment, many stores and businesses in various parts of the world have began to use other sturdier and reusable materials as alternatives to plastic. Thus, non woven bags have become popular, and along with this non woven bag printing companies have been established as well.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Non Woven Bags?

Unlike plastic which has limited use in the bagging industry, non woven bags can be made in different shapes. Unique designs can be created not only for generic shopping bags but for promotional items of companies as well. They come in different colors, and through non woven bag printing methods their designs can be diversified.

Examples of non woven bags include wine bottle bags, which are durable and able to carry heavy wine bottles. These bags are also water resistant. Promotional bags, which normally come in colorful and attractive designs, are cost-effective materials to use in marketing your brand. Other types of non woven bags are foldable bags, tote bags, and drawstring backpacks.

Modern Techniques Of Bag Printing

Printing services for non woven bags differ from paper bag printing services, which include tailprinting and preprinting and will then be laminated or varnished. For non woven bags, there are more printing methods that can be used including popular techniques like silk screen printing and full color process.

Aside from offering new techniques in paper bag printing China and other Asian countries offer fresh techniques in creating great designs for non woven bags. These new methods consist of water printing, intaglio printing and heat transfer printing. The outcome of non woven bag printing differs in terms of color textures and styles. Depending on the client’s preference, any of these methods can be applied.

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