Why Use WordPress?

What every web designer and web developer has always wanted was for it to be easier, to take less time, and to have some of the more meaningless and tedious parts of their work done for them. The intricacies of working in all your own PHP, Ajax, or MySQL, or other languages that can be used to create a perfect “back end” set up, or way to manage the content, pages, and uses of your website can be hell for even the best pro.

For this reason, working with something like WordPress is recommended and done by even the highest and most knowledgeable wed designers. Knowing when to use a quick fix and get the most out of it is what sets a true professional apart from the rest and gives him the edge that makes creating sites a pleasure and not a chore.

WordPress, simply stated, is a way to edit, create, or remove features and aspects of your site, from simple texts misspelled or incorrectly written, all the way to adding bigger portions and multiple pages and abilities to the site in an easy and realistic way.

It is a combination of PHP, MySQL, Ajax, and other web languages that have empowered it to be a fully able and highly flexible advanced content management service. It gives you a way to be able to give your site features and abilities that you would need years of study and practice to be able to use, master, and create well.

WordPress was created by a team of the world’s finest web developers, and is completely free of charge, working off of a donate only basis. It was created as a flexible and open ended code system giving one the ability to grow and edit even its basic functionality.

From there it as blossomed into a fine and advanced system via which you can gather elements or plugins created by professionals internationally. There are many thousands of these adaptations and plugins for WordPress, which, when hooked up, provide an immensely simple way to add complex and fascinating features to the website you are creating.

It can create and manage such features as fully operational ecommerce features, team permission sites, quote insertions, photo blogs, and so many more. There is literally no limit to what you can do as you learn to use WordPress well and professionally.

How can something be so good, so easy and come free?

There is an initial investment to everything, and with WordPress it is no different. Applying yourself to learning simple code phrases, how to place them among your files, and how to make your site flexible and creative will take a small investment of time and effort, but the payoff that you get back from this will astound and amaze you. As you work with WordPress you will get amazing dividends, ones that provide you with all you need to make an incredible and fully functioning and editable sire. Simply, WordPress is a simple code fix for all who want the best features without wanting to invest hours is working out the bugs.

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